Chiropractor for Your Kids?

Children can have nerve issues that occur from everyday activities & life, such as poor posture, falling down, bumping their heads, injury from sports & poor food choices. Chiro adjustments can help with brain function & nerve development, which is why it's important your children's bodies are aligned & functioning at it's best. Many parents are beginning to introduce chiropractic care into their children's lives from birth to young adulthood. 

Here are some of the reasons why chiropractic care for children is a good thing:

 Chiropractic care for children can help with (Colic) or "Birth trauma" & Success in Breastfeeding:

A child's first nerve misalignment can begin in the uterus, the spine adapts to the restricted areas of the mother's uterus that undergoes further stress during delivery. If their necks & shoulders are misaligned this can cause pain when trying to breastfeed & the only way babies can communicate to us is through crying & fussiness. With chiro care, proper alignment can increase the chances for breastfeeding.
Does your child always seem to be getting sick?

Children have immature immune systems & are more prone to getting sick with an ear infection or sinus congestion. If your child has an ear infection, an adjustment can help assist in relieving the fluid build up in the ear & prevent future ear infections &  the immune system can begin to work more efficiently to allow your child to get better much quicker.
Does your child have poor sleeping patterns or loss of appetite?

In many instances a blocked nerve can interrupt the function between the brain & stomach, causing digestion & constipation problems. When your child's body is aligned & the interference is removed the brain is free to communicate properly & he/she will have a better night sleep & so will you. A normal appetite & bowel movement will also return.
Does your child suffer from Autism of ADHD?

Chiropractic care for children cannot cure autism, but Dr. Gucciardo can help improve your child's quality of life such as the many challenges associated with autism, including difficulty sleeping, behavioral problems, hyperactivity, & attention issues, that are often related to the nervous system. By restoring proper balance to the spine & nervous system, your child will feel more calm & relaxed.  Parents who have children who are suffering from ADHD & have to give them medication that only has a temporary effect, chiro care is a great alternative along with proper nutrition to address the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

There is no better doctor to take care of your family & child's overall health & wellbeing than Dr. Gucciardo. Rest, assured there is no risk of chiropractic care to your little ones. Dr. Gucciardo only applies gentle pressure, ensuring the child's safety, it's non-invasive, & effective, & the best part is it's drug-free. Call our office today & schedule a Chiropractic Evaluation for your little one!


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