What To Expect

What to Expect From Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Howard Beach


Choosing a healthcare professional is an important decision. There is never a charge to sit down with the doctor to see if we can determine your needs, so you can ask questions, see the office, and learn more about the care provided here. Our goal for this visit is to ensure you would be a good candidate for our specialized care to meet your health care needs. We will go over a brief history and do a review of your health then we will move forward and determine what exams are necessary.

Exam and Xrays

We will do a thorough exam and assessment to determine your unique and specific misalignment. We will then acquire detailed x-rays of your spine. Dr. Gucciardo will then analyze your x-rays to identify how to address your issue and on your next visit he will show you what he found.

Report of Findings and Care Plan

We want you to be informed so you can see how your body will heal and recover through proper alignment and nerve function. Since each individual has a unique history and postural imbalance, follow-up care will be discussed to help you achieve your desired results and whole body health.

1st Correction

Once the proper correction has been identified, you will receive your first upper cervical adjustment. This specific technique is gentle, precise, and very effective. To help your body acclimate to the correction, patients lay down and rest for about 15 minutes. By restoring proper body balance, the body itself minimizes or heals the disease or condition. We will then monitor your progress with re-exams and x-rays based on your needs.

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