Summertime Weightloss

Slimming down in the summer is easier than you may think.

As busy New Yorkers, we spend every day trying to balance family, work, taking care of our homes and all of life's various responsibilities.  However, what this often leads to is eating lunch at your desk, forgetting to hit the gym and rarely finding time to go outdoors.  While many of us tend to hibernate in the winter, summer is the best time to get outside and reconnect with nature.  Summer is also the best tie to start that diet you have been putting off all year.  Dr. Gucciardo's natural health center has the latest tips and tricks to help you lose weight this summer and get that beach body ready!

When a group of adults were asked the most common reason they cannot lose weight, the number one response given was "motivation."  This made Dr.Gucciardo and his team question, what does this mean for our patients?  With this, the Nurtition Response Testing method was implemented, which helps people recognize the core reason they are not achieving their optimal weight.  Maybe they have tried to crash diet before a big event or they have attended spin classes for a period of time, with little or no results.  Summer 2015 is the best time to use a more natural, holistic approach.  With the sun shining and temperatures at eighty degrees and above, there is no excuse not to be at your ideal weight and make the very most of this season!

As summer approaches, the days gets brighter and sunnier, in turn your body will produce increased amounts of serotonin, the hormone which promotes happiness.  This naturally stimulates individuals get outdoors and take that evening stroll.  Additionally, this produces increased amounts of natural energy, as compared to the colder, darker winter months.  This allows people to eat smaller portions and still feel energized to take that stroll along the beach!  Additionally, the cold winter weather often leaves people turning to warm, high calorie comfort foods, as a pose to summer where delicious fruits and vegetables are in season!

Lastly, our most common summer weight loss motivation is to look the way we desire.  As the summer months approach, we want to be able to wear a bathing suit, sundress or shorts without feeling self conscious.  This is where Dr. Gucciardo's office comes in.  Located conveniently in Howard Beach, they deliver healthy, effective methods for nutrition, weight loss and overall wellness. They will work with almost any weight loss goal, in a professional, safe and confidential environment.  So don't cover up with summer, get out in the sun and spend time with loved ones!  Visit or call 718-550-5790 to start achieving your summer body today!


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