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chiropractic success stories

Did you get relief from your upper back, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, or have you seen improvement in how you sleep through the use of Chiropractic Care? OR Did you change your eating habits and diet and saw positive changes with fatigue, weight issues or high blood pressure through the use of proper Nutrition? OR Did you see improvement in your walking or less pain in your knees, shoulder, carpal tunnel pain or lower back and neck pain through the use of Laser Care?

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to express life to the fullest. We would love for you to share how Dr. Gucciardo has helped you! Below is a link to email your success story to us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!Share Your Success

Our Chiropractic Patient Jeanine's Success Story

I'm so glad I started to get Chiropractic Care I needed. I've been coming to Dr. Gucciardo's for only 4 or 5 months. The only thing I regret is that I didn't start coming earlier. Every time I come to the office ... I leave feeling so much better. My x-rays already show improvement in such a small amount of time. I also feel more energized daily that I don't feel the need for an afternoon nap anymore! Besides feeling better about myself and my posture, everyone in the office is so welcoming and warm. It makes a doctor appointment so much better.

Our Nutrition Patient Maureen's Success Story

Before I met Dr. Gucciardo and his staff I did not feel healthy at all. I was told my blood pressure was high in addition to having lower back issues and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I did not have any structure to my daily diet or any exercises incorporated into my daily plan. I did not know where or how to start a good quality of life. One day I received a letter of introduction from Dr. Gucciardo inviting me to learn about proper Nutrition and I said to myself ... now I have a plan, direction, and guidance.

Dr. Gucciardo and his staff are wonderful. I look forward to each visit to learn about proper Nutrition, taking my daily supplements as directed, and I'm so much healthier. My blood pressure has improved along with other health issues I was experiencing. My food choices are now planned, written down, and enjoyed instead of mindless out of control eating.

Our Laser Care Patient Mary, Anna, and Gerald's Success Story

Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo pretty much everything was difficult to do. I was having finding it very painful to walk, had limited mobility, trouble sitting and standing along with difficulty. Since getting my Laser treatments there has been much improvement and minimal discomfort from sitting to standing.
Mary M.

My knees used to lock up and were so painful I would miss work because of all the pain. Now after the laser treatments my knee does not lock any more and the pain is much better I am feeling so good after the treatments that I have not missed any work and I am walking much better.
Anna V.

My knees hurt that I could not walk the proper way. My left leg was in so much pain I had to take medication. I can now walk straight, dance for 20 minutes, and no more medications."
Gerald F.

The greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of your friends and family. Do you know someone who is suffering. Help us to achieve our purpose. Let us help them today!

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