Stretching Exercises and Other Ways to Relieve Headaches

Don't you just love it when you can naturally relieve a health concern? Studies reveal that the body has ways to heal naturally. However, to activate these self-regulating mechanisms, you must learn how to support your body with natural ways to relieve some health conditions. Headaches, for example, can get better or improve with the help of regular visits to your migraine chiropractor in Howard Beach or consistent stretching. 

Many people suffer from chronic headaches, and their response usually depends on their pain thresholds. Some can continue their day and may seem unfazed by the discomfort, while others may feel like a headache is the bane of their existence and mainly desire for it to go away and never return.

People do not realize right away that headaches are usually a symptom of a health concern and don't usually start and end in the head. Let us tell you about how proper posture, stretching, and even ice packs can relieve you from this unwanted pain:

#1. Proper Posture

Apart from the fact that you will look better when you carry yourself with proper posture, this is also key to fewer headaches. Proper posture does not only apply when standing up and walking. If you have a desk job and usually work using a computer, make sure your desk can help you support proper posture. Don't position your screen way below your eye level so you won't look down so much and put pressure on your neck.

When sitting down, it's crucial to have proper support in your lower back, especially when you do this for an extended period. Taking time to stretch periodically will help too! This relieves some pressure off your neck, muscles, and back. The same concept applies to long drives. Your body needs to take a break and deserves it to support and sustain various processes. After all, you will benefit more when you take care of your body.

#2. Stretching

Particularly neck and shoulder stretching. Here's a not-so-hidden secret, headaches, and neck pain are usually connected. That's why we encourage stretching your muscles, particularly your neck, to benefit your overall health and well-being. 

Studies explain that gentle neck stretches can help reduce and prevent headaches. Furthermore, it can improve your neck's range of motion and strengthen the cervical spine muscles. In addition, regularly stretching your neck and shoulders supports healthy blood flow to and from your brain, relaxes you, and keeps your body balanced and aligned.

#3. Exercise

Some may argue that exercise can make you sore or even be the cause of overexerting your body. Not when you do it properly. Our migraine chiropractor in Howard Beach encourages patients to engage in regular movements and exercise too! Why? Because it's good for you! 

Exercise releases happy hormones, which can generally make you feel good about yourself and reduce your pain levels. Combine neck and core exercises to strengthen your spine. It's a great way to minimize headaches too!

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraine, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#4. Stress Management

Managing your stress levels is key to fewer headaches and pain. Stress causes tension build-up on the shoulder and neck and usually prompts frequent tension headaches, which are typically uncomfortable. 

Although there are different ways to manage stress, it will be good to know what works best for you so that when you are feeling stressed already, you can have a go-to routine to lower your stress levels. But don't go for unhealthy habits such as smoking a cigarette. 

Instead, try stress-reducing techniques that are good for you. Meditation, exercise, listening to music, breathwork exercises, reading, a hot bath, and aromatherapy are some things you can try.

#5. Ice Packs

Ice can naturally counter inflammation. When you experience an injury or trauma endured by your head or neck, inflammation in the neck may soon follow. Injuries or whiplash can lead to chronic headaches. Putting ice packs on the affected area after the injury can help reduce neck inflammation. 

Take precautions and do not use ice packs for more than 20 minutes in every use. Best to wrap the ice using a towel so it does not have direct contact with your skin.

#6. Proper Sleeping Position

Your pillow should provide good support when you are sleeping, so if you're using the wrong pillow to match your sleeping position, inflammation in the neck can soon follow, along with bouts of unwanted headaches. Finding a good sleeping position that can give you total relaxation can also bring restful sleep, reducing or preventing headaches. 

We discourage you from sleeping on your stomach because this turns your neck on one side for an extended period. In addition, you might notice headaches and neck pain regularly if you're a stomach sleeper. This is because of the inflammation and possibly a misalignment in your neck bones.

An ideal position is sleeping on your back to keep your neck and back in a neutral curve. But be mindful of the pillow that you use as well. It has to be firm and must maintain the angle of your neck. Thick cushions are not ideal for back sleepers as they can stress your neck. If you prefer sleeping on the side, using a thicker pillow to keep your neck and head in a neutral position is ideal.

#7. Give up bad habits

This is usually easier said than done. But did you know that some lifestyle choices and bad habits can contribute to chronic headaches? For example, staying up late at night results in disrupted sleep patterns, and headaches can soon follow if you continue doing this. Additionally, we highly recommend taking note of the following facts:

  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and cigarette can bring positive responses to your body. 
  • Maintaining a good hydration level is also essential, as dehydration can bring headaches. Drink the recommended amount of water daily and avoid diuretics. 
  • Cigarettes can interfere with the smooth blood flow in your body and can contribute to severe headaches. 
  • Nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco can trigger the early deterioration of your spinal discs. When this happens, you become highly susceptible to a misalignment in the upper spine which can eventually set off a series of health conditions.

#8. Consider Seeking a Trusted Migraine Chiropractor in Howard Beach 

Your neck is critical in getting rid of your usual headache episodes. These natural methods we shared have also highlighted why paying attention to your neck is essential.

Any slight misalignment in the upper cervical spine can result in headaches and other severe symptoms. Your C1 and C2 bones consist of your upper cervical spine and are highly susceptible to shifting out of alignment due to their position. Any injury, trauma, excessive pressure, and stress can contribute to its misalignment. As it continues, the rest of your spine tends to compensate to keep your head balanced, putting pressure on your muscles, tissues, ligaments, and joints. These things happen gradually.

You probably won't notice it right away, and frankly, there is no way to know unless you consult with a migraine chiropractor in Howard Beach. Dr. Robert F. Gucciardo is a trusted upper cervical chiropractic doctor who has helped patients who complain about chronic headaches and migraines. He specializes in the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care technique. It is a unique chiropractic methodology focused on correcting the misalignment in the topmost neck bones.

To understand this technique further and to know if a misalignment is the culprit of your chronic headaches, book a consultation with Dr. Gucciardo by calling our office at 718-550-5790 or filling out this online contact form. Many migraine and headache patients swear by the relief they experience after receiving upper cervical chiropractic care. You can be the next one!


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