Myths about Chiropractice

The root of these myths and misconceptions may stem from hearing horror stories from friends, families, or even the news. Actually, in the hands of a knowledgeable chiropractor, it is quite safe. Still, like many other medical fields, it’s hard to shake off a bias. Perhaps this piece will help shed some light.

These misconceptions are no laughing matter, though. People can wind up with a lot of avoidable pain - and worse.

Here are a few of them and why they are false

Once You See a Chiropractor, You Have To Keep Going Back

People operate under the assumption that going to a chiropractor will be like getting on a treadmill that never ends and they risk injury trying to get off of it. That’s not true. There are many people who have only come in for a few visits and then were able to continue their lives with no trouble.

Some do see the best results over the course of continued sessions over the span of a long time and choose to keep going. It’s their choice and they can always opt to stop their visits. They will not be pressured to keep returning. They view it as a way to keep their body healthy - just like regularly going to the gym or eating the right foods.

Adjustments Hurt

People often visualize chiropractors as being rough with their patients and practically crushing their bones during a session. That doesn’t happen - patients are often left with a feeling of relief after the chiropractor finishes their work. Their bodies feel much better after an adjustment due to their spines being aligned properly. It’s the normal wear and tear of life - like standing up and sitting and moving around - that causes the real pain. 

Chiropractors Aren’t Doctors

Chiropractors aren’t people who can wander in off the street and start charging people to twist body parts. Just like doctors, they go to an undergrad college for four years and then spend four or five years studying in a postgrad school. After that, they need to pass national certification tests as well as the one for their state. Then they become licensed.

As a matter of fact, chiropractors, as a whole, spend more time in school than a lot of other medical professionals.  A doctor who is a general practitioner may spend roughly 4,250 hours in a classroom. Chiropractors will spend nearly 4,500 hours while learning the same subject matter as those doctors - things like Anatomy and Physiology. 

It’s Only For Adults

There are those who may think that children’s bodies are not ready for a chiropractor to work on. That’s not true - infants and toddlers can see one with no ill effects. 

Babies with colic can benefit from a single chiropractic session. Also, it can alleviate pressure on the baby’s spine that occurred during the birthing process. Children can get even more energy from seeing a chiropractor. Yes, it’s possible. 

It’s Dangerous

This is a quite safe field - chiropractors pay much less in malpractice insurance than a doctor in a general practice. There are far fewer complaints per year - think counting them on one or two hands - about a chiropractor as opposed to doctors. 

It’s so safe that doctors may even send their patients to a chiropractor to see if that works before recommending any surgical procedures for the back or neck. Patients have gotten better results with that instead of painkillers or surgery.

Chiropractic work can do so much benefit for people over the course of their lives, but they need to know what they will have happen to them and also how to ascertain that are indeed spending their time with someone who will improve their overall well-being and not setting them for more potential future roadblocks.

Dr. Robert Gucciardo has heard many, if not all, of  these myths and misconceptions over the course of his career. He will be more than glad to discuss them with patients over the course of their visit with him. Call 718-550-5790 to make an appointment. 


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