Meniere's Disease and Vertigo Link Explained

Meniere's disease, vertigo chiropractor in Howard Beach

Our vertigo chiropractor in Howard Beach is no stranger to meeting people who experience spinning sensations. After all, vertigo attack is relatively common because it stems from various health problems, including Meniere's disease. Have you ever come across Meniere’s disease? Are you familiar with how it works and why it causes significant discomfort to diagnosed individuals? Let’s help you familiarize yourself with this condition.


What is Meniere's Disease?

As a vertigo chiropractor in Howard Beach, Dr. Gucciardo has heard “What’s Meniere’s disease?” countless times. Besides positional vertigo, Meniere’s is among the leading causes of spinning sensations. It develops when you have fluid trapped in your inner ear. The fluid builds up over time and impacts your hearing and balance. 

In addition to feeling lost or off-balance while walking around or standing up straight, people with Meniere's disease often experience tinnitus — a constant buzzing sound in their ears that can be hard to ignore. It can also trigger additional symptoms such as:

  • Hearing loss 
  • Drop attacks  
  • Nausea  
  • Ear congestion 

In most cases, Meniere’s symptoms only affect one ear. But, sometimes, it can worsen and affect both ears. The pain and discomfort can also improve and deteriorate without warning. It would help to seek help from your physician or ear doctor to manage the risks of complications.


Vertigo: A Quick Introduction

Vertigo is a sensation of whirling or spinning. It can happen when you turn your head or stand up too quickly. Vertigo is also a symptom of many conditions and may even result from an injury to the inner ear (vestibular system). If there's damage to these structures because of a traumatic injury such as whiplash, you will likely experience vertigo. 

The blunt force from a neck or head trauma can affect the brainstem and its ability to transmit signals to the brain. Furthermore, the pressure can push your neck bones to shift from their normal alignment, preventing normal fluid drainage and increasing pressure inside the ears.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Meniere's and Vertigo Connection and Potential Remedies

Vertigo attacks stem from Meniere’s because of the pressure build-up in the inner ear. The excess fluid interferes with the inner ears' vestibular and auditory function, causing patients to experience dizzying spells of vertigo and temporary hearing loss. Studies also note that the condition can stem from blood vessel constriction.

Researchers continue to learn more about Meniere’s disease and vertigo attacks. So far, people living with Meniere’s rely on proven remedies to curb their symptoms and experience minimal disruptions in their everyday lives. Some examples of these remedies include the following:

Surgical intervention 

Labyrinthectomy (removal of the labyrinth) can help reduce vertigo attacks. However, it is often the last choice of many patients because it can lead to hearing loss.


Some people who have Meniere’s manage their symptoms with the help of diuretics and anti-nausea medications. If you wish to use this option, be sure to consult with your physician to determine the dosage you need. It will also help you understand the fundamental mechanism of your chosen medication. 

Salt restriction

Avoiding or limiting salt or sodium intake can help manage the fluid build-up in the ear and effectively your Meniere’s disease symptoms. We strongly recommend switching to a new diet to help your inner ears cope better. You might also find it helpful to avoid products that contains excessive salt or sodium like processed goods and deli meat.

Behavioral changes

Because Meniere’s disease can cause crippling symptoms that appear without warning, you might find it helpful to restructure your mindset. Changing how you approach your vertigo attacks, and other symptoms can help you manage the mental impacts of your condition.  

Inner ear injection

Gentamicin, an injectable drug, can help manage vertigo attacks. Low dosages of this antibiotic shut down the activity in the balance organs of the inner ears, providing patients with temporary vertigo and dizziness relief. 

Knee chest chiropractic care

Postural imbalances are often the least suspected trigger of vertigo. Sadly, it’s fairly common because of the unique design of the C1 and C2 bones. Even the slightest force on the neck can dislodge the neck bone and affect various physiological functions like blood flow to the brain, balance, and proprioception. It would help to talk to our vertigo chiropractor in Howard Beach to know if you have cervical spine misalignments.


Knee Chest Chiropractic for Meniere's Disease and Vertigo Relief

Vertigo and Meniere's disease can be debilitating. Thankfully, you can potentially manage your symptoms with the help of Knee Chest Chiropractic – one of the leading techniques in upper cervical care. It focuses on fixing misalignments in the neck to remove the pressure on the brainstem and vestibular organs. 

A Knee Chest chiropractic doctor like Dr. Gucciardo analyzes the alignment of the C1 and C2 bones. This allows for accurate and precise chiropractic adjustments and ensures that patients can experience significant relief from the pressure caused by the neck bone misalignment.

The restored posture helps alleviate the symptoms caused by vestibular problems like Meniere’s. It also ensures that the brainstem functions correctly, reducing chances for recurring vertigo attacks and other crippling Meniere’s symptoms such as ear congestion.


Dr. Gucciardo – A Trusted Vertigo Chiropractor in Howard Beach

Dr. Robert Gucciardo is a vertigo chiropractor in Howard Beach, New York, practicing for many years. He helps patients with vertigo and Meniere's disease through upper cervical spinal adjustments. His approach is safe and gentle while providing immediate relief from debilitating symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms associated with this condition.

We at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center understand that if you are in pain, it can be difficult to even think of the possibility of finding a solution. The discomfort that stems from vertigo and all the other symptoms of Meniere's disease can be truly exhausting. 

If you have had this condition, you know how difficult it is to get past the symptoms and into a state where everything feels better again. In our clinic, we strive to help people like yourself break free from the cycle of their illness by providing quality care that focuses on helping patients achieve wellness through Knee Chest chiropractic adjustments.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gucciardo, call the office at 718-550-5790, or email us at or through our online form. Dr. Gucciardo and our whole team will strive to help you find relief from vertigo symptoms and get back to living life fully again!


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