Learn How to Eat Healthy

learn how to eat healthy

I started visits with Dr. Gucciardo a little over a year ago. The main reason why I went to visit him was because I wanted to learn how to eat healthy so that I can pass that on to my baby. At the time I did not realize this was going to change my life.

This is my Before and After:

Before: I was suffering from Endometriosis on my left ovary and had two surgeries done. I was taking birth control for my endometriosis and for my menstrual period that was heavy and painful.
After: I no longer take any medication; I'm pain free and my gynecologist told me two months ago that my endometriosis is doing very good.

Before: I was always tired, having a new baby and working was taking a toll on me, by the end of the day I couldn't keep my eyes open.
After: Now not only do I keep up with the baby and work, I can keep up with my house, I cook, clean, do laundry and on top of it all, I exercise three times a week or more when possible.

Before: My hormones were out of control, brown spots on my face (some from the pregnancy but I had them before I was pregnant) black heads, mood swings, and loss of hair.
After: I no longer get black heads, my skin looks nice and healthy, the brown spots have improved about 75% and the mood swings are gone. I feel like I finally have control of my body.

Before: I was eating eggs, whole wheat bread, and grilled chicken with rice for lunch, fish or meat with either pasta or potatoes for dinner, a little ice cream and I use to have a drink every night (either a glass of wine or scotch)
After: I eat eggs and broccoli for breakfast, grilled chicken with salad and vegetables for lunch and fish or meat with sweet potatoes or vegetables for dinner. NO ice cream and drinks only on the weekend.

Before: I used to skip two to three days and not have any bowl movements.
After: I go everyday, maybe skip one day a week, depending on what I eat.

Overall, I feel great I wish I could make everyone I know go to see Dr. Gucciardo; he really is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I wish everybody could feel as good as I do!

Thank you Dr. Gucciardo,
Yaneris Carbone


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