Finding Relief With Spinal Decompression In NYC

Spinal Decompression NYC
Spinal Decompression NYCCountless people suffer from back pain and hardly seem to find a solution that works. Many consulted back surgeons, and tried standard physiotherapy or even medications with little to no relief. Hence, people are skeptical when they hear about spinal decompression therapy in NYC.

During the first visit, you will find you are pleasantly greeted by the office staff and only have to wait briefly before being taken into a private room to meet with Dr. Moalemi. The doctor, with his honest concern, will talk about your individualized treatment plan.

Upon a thorough exam, Dr. Moalemi will advise if you are a good candidate for spinal decompression NYC. This is a non-surgical, painless treatment which yields an 86% success rate. The spinal decompression used by this facility differs from the more common units found at traditional physiotherapy clinics. The particular computerized machines used here monitors the patient several times per second and makes adjustments to maximize the success of each treatment.

The doctor will explain that for successful results, most people will require 20 sessions spread over a six-week time span. But that varies depending on your personal situation. Your first session will take place right after the exam.

Some people are understandably hesitant at first, being strapped into a machine controlled by a computer, but you will find your nervousness quickly escalates to relaxation as the DRX9000 gives you noticeable, immediate relief. Some people find it so comfortable they shut their eyes and enjoy the pain relief the machine gives you.

Upon completion of the treatment, the doctor will further enhance your program with electrical stimulation therapy. This brings further comfort to your symptoms and the overall condition.

Most patients will find a noticeable change in their very first visit. Each succeeding visit presents itself with further relief. Patients often comment at the quality of care and honest concern over their well-being they receive here and how the Dr. and staff treat each patient's individual concerns and health with honest compassion. If you are suffering from back pain and are in the New York City area than spinal decompression therapy is a great solution. Find out if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.

If your pain is severe, here is a great tip on how to relieve it from a back pain doctor NYC.

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The diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge and skill may play an important role, but the treatment that is delivered and supervised is of greater significance. Results are key in defining help. Effectively helping someone with pain or injury would be measured by the amount of results gotten. One of the most unique factors is that an array of non-surgical, physical treatments can be provided, and often other types that physical therapists cannot. Treatments are included in can be done for patients. It is much like a team of specialists rolled into one clinic, making it quite an experience in many regards.

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