Eating Healthy for Better Bones

Eating Healthy for Better Bones Osteoporosis refers to loss of bone mass. On a regular basis our bones are being broken down and rebuilt. However, for some when osteoporosis sets in more bone is lost then rebuilt. This can result in bones becoming brittle and prone to fractures. It may seem easier to just pop a pill and forget about it. But, prescription drugs can have side effects and can also contribute to bone loss. The good news is there's safe and natural approach and that is Nutrition. At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center our approach to osteoporosis is carefully assessing, finding the underlying cause, incorporating proper nutrition, and adding whole food supplements if needed to help support your bones so they can stay healthy and strong. 
What can lead to Osteoporosis?
As we get older we may pay less attention to the foods we eat at times. It seems many people are not eating enough healthy sources of fats in their diet and are unable to metabolize the nutrients they have. If you're eating an acidic and inflammatory diet which includes caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, processed foods, and low vegetable intake it can all contribute to bone loss. Did you know if you also have food sensitives it can play a role in bone loss? This may happen because the gastrointestinal system becomes inflamed allowing particles of undigested foods to pass into the blood stream which in turn draws nutrients from the bones. Not being able to digest food properly can  also result in vitamin deficiencies which can contribute to osteoporosis. In addition studies show the elderly as well as pre-menopausal women are at a high risk for osteoporosis. Once a woman reaches menopause estrogen levels begin to decline and bone loss increases. It's important to balance hormones and ensure that all organs are functioning properly to handle any hormonal imbalance in the body which can be done through the use of a proper diet. 
What can you do to heal?
Optimizing nutrients in your diet is critical to reduce the risk of bone loss, fractures, and injuries. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with osteoporosis or simply want to prevent the risk of bone loss you can   eat vegetables, dark leafy greens, kale, turnips, walnuts, wild caught seafood, and avocados.  Another great way to help the healing process of osteoporosis is by consuming bone broths like our ancestors use to! Homemade bone broths are rich in minerals that support the immune system such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. These broths also contain collagen and gelatin which can help heal your gut and reduces intestinal inflammation, strengthen joints, and bones.   Lastly, a sedentary lifestyle can promote bone loss as well as muscle loss. Incorporating simple exercises in your daily routine can help generate stronger bones. How about gathering some friends and taking more walks? Next, minimize your stress because it can take a toll on your health and may even be detrimental to your bones and organs.  
Let's Wrap This Up!

I encourage you to know that you have real choices about your bone health. If you or someone you know is concerned about the risks of osteoporosis give our office a call today and let's get you scheduled in for a Nutrition Evaluation. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can be a powerful healing and drugless alternative for your bone health.


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