Does your Anxieties have Anxieties?

Does your Anxieties have Anxieties?Have you ever felt anxious before a job interview or taking an exam? Everyone has experienced anxiety at some point in his or her life. It's normal to feel anxious or worry once in awhile because it's a reaction to stress. In fact, a little anxiety can actually be a good thing. It can motivate you to study harder for an upcoming exam, pursue your dream job, and most importantly warn us when we're in a dangerous situation.  But when those feelings of anxiety become intense, excessive, and overwhelming it could have potential to affect your work, personal life, health, and wellness. Often, drugs are prescribed to help relieve anxiety but unfortunately taking drugs only masks the symptoms temporarily.However, there is a solution to help relieve anxiety without the use of drugs and and that is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Studies show Chiropractic Care to be an effective method in improving anxiety. Also with regular treatments it can also help lower stress, blood pressure, better sleep, and improve upper neck and back pain in many patients so they can enjoy a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. How great is that?
Symptoms of Anxiety
An early sign your body may be in an anxious state is when you're feeling tired, irritable, lethargic, or moody. Below is a list of some symptoms linked to anxiety.Mind races, increased worry levels, or headachesFace goes redBlurred vision, or "spots in front of the eyes"Mouth becomes dry, speech is more quickly, difficulty swallowingNeck and shoulders become tense and stiff, muscular painArms and hands have a tingling and numb sensationBreathing speeds up, may take deeper breaths, harder to breatheChest becomes tight and painful, heart racesStomach churns, need to run to the toiletDigestion slows downLegs feel wobbly or "like jelly"Feet and toes have tingling and numb sensationFeel hot and sweaty all over
Upper Cervical Care for Anxiety
When your struggling with anxiety it can cause an impairment in your life ... not just psychologically but physical as well. It may be caused by  a condition called subluxation. A subluxation is an improper position of the the first or second bone in the neck affecting nerve communication between the brain and body. Patients who come to the office initially because they're experiencing anxiety find out after their Upper Cervical Chiropractic Evaluation there's a subluxation in the body. The subluxation is disrupting nerve flow creating anxiety.Chiropractic Care can help address the stressors that are causing the neurological imbalances in the body. So, if there's a subluxation Dr. Gucciardo will evaluate you and if needed will than make an adjustment which results in the removal of the subluxation. Now, the body is balanced and in proper alignment. The body can now begin to heal itself on its own and become more relaxed. 
Let's wrap this up!

Are you looking for a solution without the use of drugs? The solution is the removal of the subluxation in the body through the use of  Chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for each patient.


   So ... if your anxiety is accompanied by any of the symptoms we discussed above and if you've also suffered any type of injury/trauma to the head or neck don't avoid those symptoms because it can wreak havoc on your overall health and wellness. I encourage  you to call our office at Gucciardo Specific and Natural Health Center in Howard Beach to schedule an appointment for an Upper Cervical ChiropracticEvaluation today. For more information on Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and Anxiety: CLICK HERE


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