Does Nutrition Affect The Muscles In Your Back

The human body is an amazing intricate thing. From head to toe, things operate in unison with each other. The brain controls much of the body’s operation and inner workings. As a chiropractor the number one thing is to make sure that the spinal column does not interfere with this communication system. Still, people might be surprised to learn that some seemingly unrelated things can be intertwined. For example, taking proper care of one’s teeth and gums can aid in possibly preventing a host of ailments, ranging from heart disease to cancer. So many things are connected… which can lead to questions like, “Does nutrition affect the muscles in your back?”

The short answer is, “Yes.” There are certain elements of food that, if eaten too much, can cause a variety of reactions. It’s important to distinguish this from a food allergy though - that’s the body fighting one of the ingredients. This isn’t talking about people who have reactions like itchy skin or throats or even difficulty breathing. No, this is about food that triggers chemicals in people’s bodies. 

There are other elements that can cause back pain, including posture, weight, and spinal misalignments that interfere with normal body function and balance. When a chiropractor sees any patient who has this problem, they will take those two areas into consideration too, since slouching at a desk can definitely wreak long-term havoc on one’s back muscles after an extended period of time. Excess weight can also cause one to have back issues, since gravity is playing a big part in pulling down on the muscles. 

Food and drink, though? Absolutely. Certain foods and drinks can be the culprit in pain running anywhere from the neck to the lower back. Sugary foods, and both caffeinated and alcoholic beverages increase the body’s output of cortisol, which can make back muscles tighten up and not loosen. That will then cause back pain or neck pain. 

Going on a diet isn’t the solution either, since cortisol is also produced when people skip meals, eat too much, or restrict their diet for too long. That seems like quite a balancing act - but it’s not too difficult if one varies their eating habits and also consume food in moderation. People should pay attention to how they feel after eating or drinking a certain food or beverage and then see if abstaining from it helps them feel better. 

Overall, it will take work on both the physical and nutritional level to have a healthy back. Eating well but having poor posture and spinal misalignments can sabotage one’s efforts. Combining the two will lead to a much happier, comfortable life. 

Dr. Robert Gucciardo, who has been a practicing chiropractor for decades, can help with back pain. Besides using chiropractic techniques, he can also discuss nutrition with patients and aid them in having the healthiest lifestyle possible. He’s based in Howard Beach, NY, which is accessible for many New Yorkers.


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