Discover the Neck-Concussion Connection

neck concussion, chiropractor for neck pain in Howard Beach

Have you been experiencing mild to severe neck pain after a concussion? Have your symptoms caused you to miss out on family occasions like weekend barbecues or picnics by the park? Are you concerned that your previous concussion(s) will eventually result to more symptoms besides neck pain?

It's not uncommon for a chiropractor for neck pain in Howard Beach to encounter patients with a concussion to experience pain and discomfort in the neck area. Unfortunately, neck pain is quite a typical response to a concussion or whiplash injury. Some say they get their symptoms immediately after the injury occurs, while in some cases, it may take weeks or months to manifest.

But are neck pain and concussion really connected? If yes, what can possibly link the two?

Well, if you look at closely at both health concern, you’d realized that they often stem from the same events. Let’s take a look at these below.

Causes Of Concussions And Neck Pain

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Accidents and other events may lead to concussions, such as:

#1. Car accidents and collisions

One of the most common incidents that lead to concussions is car accidents and collisions, where your chances of hitting your head on a surface are high. Whether you hit a soft or hard surface, the impact can cause concussions, especially if it happens repeatedly. Whiplash also usually happens when there is a car collision.

#2. Sports-related injuries

Sometimes, sports can be rough and intense, where injury becomes inevitable. For example, many incidents of concussions stem from head bumps, blows, or other head injuries caused by sports-related activities.

#3. Slips and falls

Accidental slips or falls can lead to concussion when you hit your head on a surface such as tables, windows, walls, countertops, or floors. Beware of hitting your chin or face, as your head still takes the brunt of the trauma. Watch out for possible symptoms when this happens.

#4. Brawls or physical abuse

Repeated physical abuse can lead to concussions, especially when you get hit or punched in the head. In addition, it can lead to a more severe problem, long-term effects, or even permanent damage if it continues.


Upper Cervical Misalignment and Concussions

Due to injuries endured on the head and neck area, your Upper Cervical spine can shift out of its proper alignment, making your symptoms linger longer. In addition, your topmost bones are prone to misalignments due to their position and function. 

These bones are located just below the skull, and if a head injury happens, your head can shift its weight, which can also cause misalignments in the vertebrae. This can lead to your neck bones adding pressure to your neck muscles, causing more pain.

Correcting this misalignment is crucial to reducing and resolving your symptoms and the optimal function of your nervous system. But, unfortunately, these misalignments do not resolve by themselves too.  

Hence you will need to go to a chiropractor for neck pain in Howard Beach for consultation. If you insist on ignoring or letting them "heal on their own," it just won't happen. You may end up losing your time, money, and effort trying to find a solution, but more than that, your overall quality of life will be affected. This pain can take away precious moments with your loved ones from you.

neck concussion, chiropractor for neck pain in Howard Beach

Visit A Chiropractor For Neck Pain In Howard Beach

Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments involve gentle realigning of the two uppermost vertebrae of the neck - which often get misaligned after traumatic incidents like those we mentioned above. This can help reduce neck pain and stiffness and improve overall nervous system function. The adjustments can also help you head to stay upright so it doesn’t force the rest of the spine to twist. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care following your injury can also reduce the severity and frequency of post-concussion symptoms.

You can get your life back to normal and enjoy your day-to-day activities with proper care. Book an appointment with our Upper Cervical doctor today!


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