Desserts Spelled Backwards is Stressed!

One of the most common health complaints today is the experience of stress and fatigue. When I ask my patents what they think the reason of their stress may be, their answers have one common thread: they're tired from their hectic schedule that is difficult manage. It's inevitable that stress is going to happen in our daily life. However, the problem may not be your hectic schedule. In fact, it may be adrenal fatigue which can disrupt your body's balance. How are you managing your stress? Have you been told to  "relax" or take an anti-depressant to manage your stress? This does not solve the problem or the underlying cause of stress and fatigue. What if I told you, a proper diet can be the solution to help manage Stress and Fatigue?
Do you have Adrenal Fatigue!
The truth is our body has a built-in mechanism to deal with stress. The key to handling stress is that our adrenal glands are working efficiently. Consequently, if our adrenal glands become stressed from poor physical, psychological, and emotional health, or environmental chemical and toxins, or from an improper diet, it may lead to adrenal fatigue and other  health problems. You have two adrenal glands, each located on top of the kidneys. They release hormones that help maintain the body's response to stress. The more stress you experience, the harder your adrenals have work to protect you ... and let me tell you, stress uses up a lot of energy! One of these hormones is called cortisol, which helps your body handle stress. Specifically, the hormone cortisol is important for keeping the body in balance. This includes a proper functioning immune system, normal blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. Individuals suffering from stress and fatigue may have a reduction in the production of cortisol. When stress is coupled with fatigue it may point towards adrenal fatigue. Below are a few potential symptoms. Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:Morning fatigueInability to handle StressMood swings, bursts or energy, lethargicIndigestionFood sensitivitiesSugar and Salt cravingsWeight gainIncreased PMS or menopausal symptomsAches and pain in upper neck and lower backHeat and cold intoleranceDepression/AnxietySleep disturbance
The Link between Stress, Fatigue, and Nutrition
For most of us, stress and food go hand-in-hand. For example, when you're stressed, it may set the stage of wolfing down unhealthy foods and devouring a huge chocolate bar ... Am I right? Adrenaline is produced during times of  stress. This gives your body a burst of energy. Certain foods we eat can increase the physical stress on the body. Moreover, when it comes to your diet, poor nutrition and nutritional deficiencies can put excessive stress on the adrenal glands and other organs in the body. This can make digestion difficult, or deny the brain essential nutrients. Also, both caffeine and alcohol may put considerable stress on the body.Then there're toxic metals and chemicals which often play a role in adrenal stress and fatigue. We're exposed to chemicals in the air, water, and from the foods we eat. Even so, over the counter medication, prescribed medication, and antidepessants may add to the body's toxic load. Furthermore, toxins can weaken the body's ability to eliminate these toxins which can result in further stress to the adrenals and other organs in the body.7fd85593-eca6-4a72-99af-7e84cee8496a.jpg
Let's Wrap this Up!

These issues, although alarming can be restored and healed safely and naturally by simple lifestyle changes and proper diet. Giving your body the nutrition it needs is a positive step you can take toward combating stress and fatigue. It's important to remove any toxic metals, chemicals, and unhealthy food from one's diet and replenish the entire body with healthy and vibrant sources of foods. At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center we can help you get a handle on managing your stress and fatigue safely and naturally without the use of medication. Make healthy eating a priority that can last a lifetime! Call our office today and schedule a Nutrition Evaluation. 


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