Chiropractic Care, Inflammation and the Healing Process

When people think of inflammation, they tend to view it in a negative light. Who wants to have something get red, swell up and possibly be tender to the touch? This is actually their body’s way of preparing to heal itself and it is very necessary.

There is a temporary inflammation, which can go away after a certain period of time and then there is chronic inflammation, which comes and goes in bouts and it can be very unpredictable. Chronic inflammatory disease, which can include things like irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, and even recurring infections,  can be taxing on one’s life… and sometimes the medications that are offered can have side effects of their own. But are people stuck with it? Not necessarily.

Why It Happens

This is a way for your body to protect itself. Most of the defense mechanisms for it are in your bloodstream - there are both cells and chemicals that play a big part. There are several different reactions to what happens when your body tissue is initially injured, Initially, either chemical mediators like histamines or kirins are released or a leukocytosis-inducing factor is released. Then, depending on what is going on, then the symptoms of redness, heat, pain, or swelling occur.

Medical professionals call those the four cardinal signs of inflammation, though sometimes impairment of function is seen as being the fifth sign. Though the ultimate goal of all this is for the body to heal itself, it can still make life difficult for those who have chronic inflammation. There are many anti-inflammatory medicines out on the market - and while they can do things like mask pain, they can actually keep your body from healing like it should naturally. They can also have side effects.

There is someone who can possibly help get one’s inflammation under control without the need for medicine - a chiropractor.

The Chiropractor’s Role In Healing

When it comes to helping the body heal, the chiropractor’s aim is to get all the vertebrae in the body aligned along the spine. This will then get their patient’s nervous system acting like it should and the production of neuropeptides should cease - which then should stop or greatly lessen the inflammation. This can be a great aid with people who suffer from things like rheumatoid arthritis.

There’s another facet of the inflammation process that can be treated by seeing a chiropractor - the body usually produces cytokines, which are proteins that the immune system’s cells use. They are beneficial but when they build up, the result can be inflammation. The chiropractor can possibly help both the affected area and other parts of the body.

What They Can Do

A chiropractor is far more than someone who can just move body parts around to align a spine. They can also help you with your diet, show you exercises that can reduce the inflammation, tell you how to shed pounds since the more you weigh the better chance you have of having inflammation, and they can also guide you through ways to manage stress, since that can also play a big part in an inflammatory condition.

Inflammation does not have to be something for people to be scared of if they have a nervous system that is in excellent working shape. Having your spine aligned can significantly help you in that regard and it can reduce the amount of swelling and other side effects that occur. Exercise and a good diet can also be of tremendous value.

Chiropractors do not promise that this will be the ultimate panacea to the reduction of inflammation. There are quite a few factors that can also lead to having this occur. But your body will be in better condition to handle what is going on inside and the symptoms may wind up being much less severe than they may have been in the past.

Dr. Robert Gucciardo has seen patients with all kinds of inflammation over the course of his chiropractic career. He has helped many of them regain normalcy through both his techniques and also from nutritional advice. Come see him at his Howard Beach office - call 718–845-2323 to make an appointment today.

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