Chiropractic Care as a Solution for Anxiety

Chiropractic Care a natural solution for Anxiety
Chiropractic Care a natural solution for Anxiety
An anxious person may feel a racing heart, shaky hands, chest pain, tension in the neck, excessive sweating, and indigestion. Some anxiety suffers also have attacks even when there's no stress involved for example, while lying in bed at night. Has this ever happened to you? What if I told you Chiropractic Care can help you find the underlying cause of your anxiety and ensure relief without the use of drugs? 7fd85593-eca6-4a72-99af-7e84cee8496a.jpg
How can Chiropractic help with Anxiety?

Balance is the key to a proper functioning nervous system through the use of Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic Care can help by improving the connections from the brain to the rest of the body including your organs allowing the body to restore itself and feel less anxiety. The beauty of Chiropractic Care and our goal at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center is simple ... it's to correct the underlying cause of any condition without the use of external medications, drugs, pills, or injections and relying on your own body to heal itself safely and naturally.But first, where is the cause? Simple, there may be a vertebral subluxation. A subluxation can be caused by a physical, chemical, or emotional trauma or event. This subluxation disrupts nerve function in the brainstem to all the organs throughout the body which may be triggering anxiety symptoms or other symptoms in the body. This subluxation can also result in less nerve supply, decreased mental impulse, reduced activity and speed of motion of other tissues and organs. Anxiety is often accompanied by a variety of symptoms that be seen below.Most commonly symptoms of Anxiety:Heart palpitationsSweatingStomach upset or dizzinessFrequent urination or diarrheaMenstrual discomfortShortness of breath, difficulty inhaling or over breathingChest painIncreased inflammationTremors and twitchesIncreased muscle tensionIncreased blood pressureChills/hot flashesHeadachesFatigue and less energy to do thingsHair loss/brittle nails/acneTrouble sleepingIf there's a subluxation a chiropractic adjustment at the right time can help release pressure of the spinal cord allowing proper nerve flow from the brain and body including your organs ensuring the body can get well and function optimally and efficiently.

Let's Wrap This Up!

If you or someone you know is suffering from Anxiety, a specific symptom from the above list, or another condition ... Give our office a call today so we can get you scheduled in for an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Evaluation. Let us help you get well safely and naturally.  

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