Can Immunity and Chiropractic Care Be Linked?

When people think of going to a chiropractor, they visualize having treatments done for things like a bad back, an aching shoulder or a stiff neck. The idea that they could also get more efficiency in the function of their immune system may not even occur to them. Could this be an option for them in the age of COVID-19? 

Here are some ways that immunity and chiropractic care can help.

Fixing Subluxations

There are times that people can have their nerve pathways blocked or compressed - this is called subluxation. As a result, there is no communication with different parts of the body and that can lower immunity and decrease overall function in the body. There are various ways that this can occur, ranging from a car accident to poor posture as a result of sitting with bad form for many hours (think office worker) to having alcohol or drugs to even have it be stress-related. As a result, spinal bones can become misaligned or move improperly, causing the nervous system to not function well  then muscles not working properly followed by soft tissue or other body functions being altered. 

The chiropractor can do specific, scientific, gentle movements to correct the subluxation. What they do is they target the specific area affected and gently move that part quickly to stabilize the subluxation over time and also improve mobility of the joint and the spine. 

Helping Pandemic Patients

This is where COVID-19 comes in. There was another huge pandemic that swept the globe a little over a century ago. Most people know it as 1917-18 Flu while some call it the Spanish Flu. Medicine was far from as advanced as it is today and it had a terrible death toll. Still, there was some brightness in the darkness: chiropractic care. 

There was research conducted to see results between Influenza patients treated with medical doctors and those treated by doctors of chiropractic medicine in various places ranging from Davenport, Iowa to Oklahoma to New York City. In each instance, the number of deaths under a chiropractor was significantly lower than those treated by doctors. In Oklahoma, they even sent patients who were not able to be treated medically to chiropractors and that death rate was extremely low. 


When it comes to chiropractic care, the desired result is to get one’s immune system in conjunction with their nervous system. Cleaning these pathways can possibly be a huge boon to the overall health of a person, both physically and mentally. Regular treatments, spaced out however often the chiropractor deems necessary, can drastically improve a patient’s life. 

This is not to say that it’s going to act as some sort of magical barrier to illness of any kind. It’s also important to note that this is not a panacea that will help everyone. It is not a guarantee. There are some that will still need other kinds of treatment. But a chiropractic regiment is usually worth looking into. 

The main goal of any chiropractor is to help their patients heal without medicine or surgery. While those in the scientific community may be skeptical about the results, preferring to lean on medicine, the above studies did show that chiropractic care saved a lot more people during the 1918 Flu than traditional ones did. It’s not an ultimate cure-all though, some patients did die under the care of a chiropractor, but their odds were still significantly improved. 

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has increased stress across the board for everyone of all ages, Many children are unhappy they are not allowed to go out or to school. People worry about their financial situation, since many of them are out of work or have had their hours drastically cut. That can create unhealthy scenarios, since they may not eat or sleep properly or exercise at all. Their whole body can be thrown out of alignment. This will cause the immune system to overwork and become stressed leaving us more susceptible to illness and disease. 

While chiropractic care can help, there’s now the added stressor on both ends - the chiropractor and the patient - about keeping the office clean and sterile for each person. We are going over and above to ensure a safe, clean, and amazing experience for our patients. We are here during this time to ensure that you get high quality care that keeps your health at its peak ability. 

Dr. Robert Gucciardo has extensive experience in the field and will gladly discuss how chiropractic care can help you. Whether you live in the Howard Beach area or near it, give him a call at 718-550-5790 to set something up at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic.

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