Asthma and Chiropractic

Asthma, which is when one’s bronchial tubes constrict from an inflammatory response, has caused a lot of issues for New York residents, especially the older ones. It’s not just Howard Beach or the rest of Queens - other boroughs, including the Bronx have had many people suffering from it. It can start in childhood and remain all through adulthood and beyond - one in 13 people can be affected.

Most of the time, people who have it rely on steroidal inhalers to open up those closed airways. The fix can possibly cause more problems by allowing the initial irritants to make their way further into the lungs since the airways are now open more. There are also a series of allergy shots that can desensitize your body to the irritants.

Whatever the treatment methods, American people spend a lot of money yearly on them. Roughly $6 billion going to the medical professionals and $1 billion to the pharmaceutical industry. But is it a winning plan? Is this a worthy investment on the part of the patients?

The real question is: Are there more ways to help people with their asthma that go beyond those inhalers that can wind up being more detrimental than helpful? Yes. A chiropractor can be an extremely useful ally in improving one’s quality of life as an asthmatic.

Fixing The Nervous System

The asthma can sometimes be traced to your spinal column. The nerves that run through your nervous system can be quite delicate. Hold a dime in the palm of your hand. It feels light, right? Even something that weighs as little as that pressing on a nerve could drastically diminish its functionality by more than half. The weight on those nerves is caused by vertebral subluxations.

There are times that asthma can be caused from spinal stress. A normally functioning nervous system could handle more irritants that enter the body than one that is out of alignment due to those subluxations. The chiropractor will locate those subluxations and adjust the spine manually.  Asthma can also occur from everyday stressful events that cause one to begin breathing more rapidly, so the answer may not lie within the spine - but it is worth investigating.

Where Do They Check?

When it comes to asthma, a chiropractor will typically look at the thoracic spine to see if it is misaligned. If this is the case, then your lungs may not be able to expand as fully as they could when you inhale. Fixing the thoracic spine should be able to increase your lungs’ capacity to expand. Even what might seem like a minimal amount of reduced lung capacity can make a difference when it comes to asthma.

Other Variables

There can be a lot of other variables that come into play. The air quality of where you live can make a big difference. That’s why some more polluted areas have a higher rate of people with asthma. Living conditions also are a factor - like whether there is a lot of mold - and even the food that you eat each day. Still, if you correct one part to improve your nervous system, it can help you manage the other things around you. 

It’s very important to note that no reputable chiropractor will promise to completely cure their patients of asthma, which may not even be caused by spinal stress. That is not the purpose of these office visits. They are there to help improve respiration and increase your immune function. Going in with this mindset will prevent you from having any false  expectations. Chiropractors spend many years studying their craft and are intimately familiar with the human body - and will not risk their certification on something that cannot be achieved. 

While it may not be possible to completely cure asthma, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great quality of life. Having a fully-functioning and aligned nervous system can make such a difference in how your body reacts and responds to things and how it heals, too. 

Over the years, Dr. Robert Gucciardo has helped many asthma patients in the Howard Beach area begin to breathe more freely thanks to the realignment of their spines. He can help you, too with his techniques. Give him a call today at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic to make an appointment - 718-550-5790.

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