Your body is designed to heal itself, why not help it?

In today's society, how many of us look for a "quick fix," to get rid of pain by taking drugs? Your spine goes through a lot of wear and tear everyday that can take a toll on the body. Did you know the nerve system controls all function in the body and it's essential if not more than air and water is to our bodies? In fact, without nerve function, we cannot exist and with decreased nerve function we are unable to function at our best level. That's why we have a safe, natural, drugless, and surgery free approach called Chiropractic Care.
How is Chiropractic not about pain but the whole body?
Chiropractic is about something greater; it's about proper balance in the nerve system and proper body function. The healing approach Chiropractors use to remove the nerve interference allowing the inborn innate of the patient to communicate freely with all the tissues, cells, muscles, and organs in the body, than allows the body to heal itself on its own. The body has an amazing ability to be restored and return to optimal function on its own. How amazing is that. It's extremely important to know that Chiropractic is not necessarily about pain, but that it is about the whole body and nerve function. A part of the healing process is going to be pain and eventually the pain will decrease in time as the body undergoes recovery naturally. 
It's not a "quick fix"!
Chiropractic is about detecting and correcting a person's subluxation to restore proper functioning of the spine, nerve system, and restoring overall health. It's fundamental that each person understands Chiropractic is not a "quick fix," or not a "let me drop off my health condition, you adjust me and I'll get back to my normal daily like, without pain, dysfunction, or without keeping up with scheduled appointments." We first must look at where there's a subluxation, which is the underlying cause of the subluxation, and correct the subluxation to help the person start the recovery process. Each condition is unique and specific in its own way. Below are some potential reasons there may be a subluxation present in your spine:Physical Stress: walking, running, sitting, text neck, or  poor quality of sleepChemical Stress: toxins from the foods we eat, water we drink, or air quality that is stored in the vital organs and glandsMental and Emotional Stress: pain can be in different places on the body such as your neck, lower back, shoulders, knees, hips, or feetBy addressing the underlying stresses that may lead to a subluxation, Dr. Gucciardo can help the patients get results faster, but more importantly lasting, and less visits.  f7c858de-56ef-4824-ba1c-e1183cf4480d.gif 
Let's Wrap this Up!

At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractor we implement proper Nutrition and Laser Care to compliment Chiropractic Care and allow for quicker healing and repair, which in most cases means less pain sooner than later. Since the nerve system controls all function in the body it is essential and almost more important than air and water is to our bodies. In fact, without nerve function we cannot exist and with decreased nerve function we are unable to function at our best level because many cells, tissues, and organs are not receiving 100% information as they should. This leads to the onset and progression of degenerative disease processes. Only you and you only can take charge of your overall health and wellbeing. To ensure optimal function make sure that you get your nerve system analyzed and checked. See if Chiropractic along with proper Nutrition, and Laser Care can help you reach optimal health and wellness goals.


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