Why Starting Chiropractic Care In Childhood Is Good

Chiropractic care can help with conditions from sleeping to behavior. 

It can set one up for a healthy future with way less pain and suffering. 

When people think about chiropractic care, they tend to think of people starting to have it in adulthood - perhaps starting in their thirties and beyond to get their bodies re-aligned or adjusted so as to help with the aging process. 

What if this sort of thing was done earlier in one’s life? Could it improve the overall quality of life for the younger person and by default also improve it for their parents, who wouldn’t have to worry about certain things like ear infections or future degenerative diseases? It’s natural for there to be some skepticism. Here are some reasons why chiropractic care at a young age can be quite beneficial

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Ear infections

This is one of the bigger reasons why parents bring their young child to a chiropractor- to help with chronic ear infections. There have been studies showing that chiropractic care has far less adverse effects in this area than having the child take antibiotics. One school of thought as to why the chiropractic care is helpful is that it keeps the muscles in the head that surround the Eustachian tubes from spasming and trapping fluid which can then allow the bacteria that causes the ear infections to breed and build up. 


There is a school of thought that subluxations can actually contribute to behavioral problems and even things like ADD. Going for chiropractic can possibly reduce the need for prescription medicine, though this is not a guarantee that it will be the case. Helping align the spinal column helps the nerve system be in balance and for the young child could lead to good results in future brain and nerve system development. 

Range of Motion

Yes, even young children and babies, with their seemingly rubbery bodies, can have difficulties. A baby can be stuck in one position in utero for a couple of months. An adult would hate to be stuck in a curled up position for two hours let alone two months - and their spines would be in bad shape. Chiropractic care could help infants and toddlers regain this at a young age.

One thing that chiropractors who are treating children always have in mind is that the child’s body is far from being fully formed. The doctor that renders care to uses gentler touch and cannot use as much force as with an adult treatment. 

There is no ironclad promise that chiropractic care will be the ultimate cure for any of these conditions, but it can make the child a lot more comfortable and the most important benefit is that it reduces future suffering. That is the ultimate objective of Chiropractic. That then can help the people around them, such as parents, teachers and other family members, to be able to work with them to enjoying their life to the fullest.  

Dr. Robert Gucciardo has been helping people of all ages discover the best ways to live a healthy life, whether through chiropractic care or through good eating habits or being mindful of mental wellbeing.


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