What you really need to know about High Blood Pressure

A healthy blood pressure is considered to be 120/80. Research shows healthy eating habits can significantly improve blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure or you are at risk for high blood pressure, you may want to consider looking at your diet and making a few changes that may help lower or maintain a healthy blood pressure. It’s important to keep in mind that certain medications may elevate your blood pressure. There may be side effects of these drugs such as fatigue, depression, anxiety and impotence in male patients.

At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center we can help you with your blood pressure by closely monitoring your diet. Click on the link below to learn more about blood pressure and proper nutrition.

Blood pressure is a combination of systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure indicates the blood force/pressure, while the heart is beating. The diastolic pressure represents blood pressure when the heart is at rest. High blood pressure can happen when the pressure on the arteries and blood vessels become high which can cause extra stress on the heart and other organs in the body.

Most often, people may ignore the warning signs related to high blood pressure which include chest pains, confusion, headaches, ear noise/buzzing, irregular heartbeat, heart palpations, nosebleeds, tiredness or blurred vision. Thus, potential causes of blood pressure may include poor diet, foods that may cause inflammation, emotional stress, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, inactivity, being overweight, birth control pills or metals.

Long-term high blood pressure may increase the risk of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, arterial damage, aneurysm, heart failure, blocked or ruptured blood vessels, reduced kidney function, blurred vision, poor concentration and increased waistline.

Some of the top-notch foods you can include in your diet that are rich in omega-3 foods are olive oil, flax seeds, wild caught salmon, grass fed-beef, organic fruits and vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation in the body along with taking a fish oil supplement if necessary. Next, pump up your magnesium and potassium intake which is great to help loosen and relax blood vessels. Foods high in magnesium and potassium are almonds, avocados, spinach, coconut water and bananas.

The good news is at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center we can help you monitor and/or lower your blood pressure safely and naturally using proper nutrition. One of the best things you can do to lower your blood pressure is to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet designed especially for your needs. Making little changes now to your diet can help you lower your blood pressure, enjoy better health and a much healthier you ... but it should happen fast and right now!

Give our office a call today at 718.845.2323. When you call to schedule your appointment, it will be a Complimentary Nutrition Evaluation because May is blood pressure awareness month and we want to help you! How great is that? We look forward to hearing from you!


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