Use of Laser Care Therapy for Chiropractic Care

We know that making healthy changes in our lives and sticking to our goals may be tough at times. Success begins with hard work, happiness, and willpower! Everyday you get a little better, make better choices, begin to see and feel results that all add up to a long term lifestyle change. Never stop improving on your overall health and wellness. Your success is our goal!Did you get relief from neck and low back pain, migraines,or increased range of motion  through the use of Chiropractic Care? OR, Are you no longer suffering from anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights through the use of proper Nutrition? OR, Did you get pain relief from a sprain, strain, or injury through the use of Laser Care Therapy? Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to express life to the fullest. We would love for you to share how Dr. Gucciardo has helped you! Below is a link to email your success story to us directly and you're more than welcomed to send along a photo with your story so you can be featured in our next Success Story Newsletter. Share your challenges and triumphs with others! We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!  Share Your Success 3cba0d92-f51e-44f7-82d7-ffcc24e59d36.jpgcheck
Rose-Ann G's Chiropractic Success Story
Before I came to Dr. Gucciardo I was experiencing pain all over and it was unbearable. Doctors misdiagnosed me twice and told me I had fibromyalgia syndrome. I was given pain medication that didn't work for me at all. I was extremely depressed, suffered often from anxiety attacks, and was sleeping anywhere from 2 hours or not at all. This went on for years! I was just tired and gave up! I couldn't go to work or even move around without any pain or discomfort.How is it now? WOW! I'm feeling great and less pain and I get at least 8 hours of sleep. I am more active, alert, and overall feeling superb. God has blessed me with the gift of hope and life through Dr. Gucciardo. I can go back to living and this is my gift from God. I feel healthier physically, mentally, and even spiritually. I would tell anyone who thinks their case is impossible ... to visit Dr. Gucciardo at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center. There is hope, we can get well, and be well. 
Kailyn & Isha's Nutrition Success Story!
What was it like before I came to see Dr. Gucciardo. Before beginning my Chiropractic and Nutrition treatments I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and intense asthma. How is it now? Since meeting with Dr. Gucciardo for regular adjustments and nutritional consultations as well as diligently taking the supplements he gave me ... I've seen a drastic decrease of my symptoms. I can breathe easier and my overall mental health has greatly improved! Kailyn L.I was unable to breathe properly for 40 years. I had surgery to correct the deviated septum and I was unable to breathe. I would go through an entire roll of toilet paper in one night to blow my nose. Even at work I would blow my nose all day. Since coming to see Dr. Gucciardo and taking my nutritional supplements as directed I have no blown my nose once. I can now breathe freely and I feel like I am no longer a prisoner to my sinuses. Isha F.
Marianne & Kathleen's Laser Care Success Story!
Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo for my Laser Care treatments I had a lot of pain in my right knee, it was difficult to go up the stairs, and I found it hard to even walk at times. How is it now? I feel great! No more pain! I can get up the stairs more easily and I'm finally walking back to normal. Marianne Fazio.Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo I had a hard time walking, sharp pain in my legs knees that made it difficult to climb stairs and I couldn't go on field trips with my class. After receiving my Laser Care treatments, I could walk more easily and climb a flight of stairs with no pain. Kathleen M. 

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