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Upper Cervical Chiropractic CareHow Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Handles Headaches?

Are you  experiencing Headaches that start out as a Throbbing Pain ... to just an Ache ... to a CONSTANT PAIN that you just want to get rid of? Headaches can cause misery & disruptions in our every-day lives. Are you or someone you know suffering from severe Headaches & are having symptoms that may occur such as blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, fevers, neck pain & stiffness & increased sensitivity to light & noise?

Continue reading to find out how upper cervical chiropractic care can help handle your headaches and migraines.

There are many types of Headaches two commonly known ones are "Tension" Headaches & "Migraine." These usually occur because of tightness in the muscles in the neck & upper back caused by stress,work, lack of sleep, sinus infections, high blood pressure or trauma such as whiplash, eye strain, improper diet, constipation, infections & smoking, it can also have an effect on your bodily functions & mood.

Having frequent Headaches can be a way of your body signaling to you that something is not right & it's time to throw out the drugs & try a new approach where you can get effective & lasting results. What if I told you there is a solution to your problem where you can finally get relief from Headaches ... Well, guess what ... there is & the solution is  Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care & the best part  is ...NO DRUGS!!!

Drugs only mask the symptoms & only has a temporary effect on your nervous system & the worst part is, it usescanca damage to your body such as your kidney & liver. DRUGS DO NOT correct the underlying cause of Headaches but Chiropractic Care can help you for a lifetime!

Headaches can be from the top spinal bone in the neck that is not supporting the Head correctly which can affect nerves, muscles, & blood supply to the head. The spine protects the nervous system which starts from the brain to the spinal cord. When the vertebrae in the neck is unable to move correctly it will then irritate & put pressure on the nerves which can trigger the onset of Headaches.

To help with Headaches Dr. Gucciardo will do what is called a Chiropractic Adjustment which is the solution to a condition called Subluxation (Misalignment in the upper bones of the neck which distorts nerve function, & muscle and ligament alignment.) The joints will  unlock & begin to feel relief  from stiffness, pain or an inability to move. Adjustments allow your body to heal itself safely & naturally.

Call today & schedule an appointment for a Upper Cervical Consultation, examination & X-RAY(If  necessary). Once Dr. Gucciardo understands the underlying cause of the Headaches, he will sit down with you & explain your X-RAY results & than go over a treatment plan that bests fits your needs. Your nervous system will start to function more efficiently & your body will begin to heal itself. So, pick up the phone & call us today! We can help you on a pain free path to a better quality of health & wellness.


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