The Benefits of Corrective Exercises For a Healthy Lifestyle

Queens Chiropractors Share Effective Workout Plans & Exercises To Improve Your Posture

You feel pain in different areas of your body - it can affect your shoulders, your back, your neck. There can be a lot of different factors, including stress or illness, but most of the time, it all comes down to how you treat your body, especially with the way that you stand or sit. 

That’s where exercise can come in. By doing this to strengthen your body, you can then feel a lot less pain and life will be a lot easier and more enjoyable for you. Read on to learn the benefits of corrective exercises for a healthy lifestyle.

In this post, Queens chiropractors share effective workout plans & exercises to improve your posture.

Relieve Your Body From Bad Posture Symptoms

There are many different ways that your poor posture can wind up affecting your body. When you have one or more of these symptoms, you will find that the impact on your life can range from a mild inconvenience to your having difficulty even doing the most basic of tasks at home or at work. Also, it can start off as some minor aches and pains and deteriorate very quickly. Here are some things that can happen:

  • Rounded Shoulders 

Bad posture is not necessarily the culprit here - sometimes if people focus too much on their chest when exercising and neglecting back muscles, the result can be rounded shoulders.

  • Back Pain 

This is one of the main symptoms of bad posture. People often spend time working at a desk and they slouch in their chair. They may not notice anything at first, but repeated instances of this will lead to strain on the back and then then they will feel back pain, usually in the lower back since that is the main area that is strained with slouching.

  • Neck Pain Caused By a Forward Head Posture 

You can blame technology for this one, for the most part. The advent of smartphones, where people can watch videos, among other things, causes them to tilt their heads forward to get the best view. Doing neck exercises can strengthen the muscles to combat this problem.

  • Muscle Fatigue 

Your body can get tired from sitting in a bad position or if you’re standing and slouching, this causes other muscles to work overtime… and thus get fatigued. Do exercises to keep these muscles and the surrounding ones strong.

  • Headaches  

While these can be caused by a variety of things such as poor sleep, not eating enough, and allergies, poor posture can also play a big part. It can cause stress on certain parts and then that will in turn cause your head to hurt. This can be avoided by doing exercise to make your body better.

Helpful Corrective Stretches For Posture Correction

  • Thoracic Spine Rotation 

You want to do this one to open up your chest. which will make breathing easier and also loosen up the surrounding joints. It involves you twisting your upper body, often while on your knees. It’s simple and takes very little time.

  • Child's Pose Stretch  

This is also a yoga move. You get on your hands and knees and bring your rear end to the balls of your feet while extending your arms out and lowering your upper body to the ground.

  • Chest Opener Stretch 

You do this one to help your upper back from getting too rounded. You usually lay on your stomach and have a foam stack on each side at shoulder position. Rest your elbows on the foam with your arm extending toward the wall in front of you. Hold that for about five minutes.

  • High Plank Pose 

Rather than do a regular plank where you rest on your elbows, you hold yourself in a push-up position but your body is at a 45-degree angle rather than parallel to the floor.

Spinal Manipulation Combined With Exercises Provides Long-Term Pain Relief & Functionality

Man Suffering From Neck Pain Caused By a Poor Posture In Queens, NY

Exercise can do a lot to help your body feel good, but if you want to have the best results, it’s a very good idea to see a chiropractor in Queens to manipulate your spine. This way, everything will be aligned, and your nervous system will be at its peak…. which can help your body stay healthy for a very long time.

While it is possible to get an injury even with exercise, it is much more difficult… and if you are in good shape, then you have a much better chance to heal faster. Overall, you can only benefit from exercises and stretches. Then you can enjoy life pain-free. 

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