New Year, New You Through Physical Health

Start The New Year With Reduced Swelling & Improved Flexibility

Are you in pain? Don’t accept that you need to just grit your teeth and bear it by doing things like taking medication. You may resolve to do things like shedding some pounds to make things easier on your body, but there are underlying things that can sabotage that without you even knowing it. 

Your body is a very intricate thing that really doesn’t need that much to throw it off-course. Even if you try to do certain things, like eating right or exercise, there is still something missing. Fortunately, there is someone who can help - a Howard Beach Queens chiropractor. They are the ones who can help correct those underlying issues that are preventing you from reaching peak health. 

As far as drafting your New Year's resolutions for 2021 and beyond, you should seriously think about adding a Howard Beach chiropractic center visit to that list. Why? Read on. 

Take Care of Your Spine and Monitor It 

The winter months can be very tricky in the New York area. There’s always the chance of snow or even ice as the temperatures drop. That can lead to anything from slipping and landing on your back or falling off a ladder while putting up or taking down holiday decorations. The slippery conditions extend to driving on the road, which can lead to fender benders, both big and small. 

Don’t discount the effect that these things have had on your spine. Having a healthy spine is very important to your overall health and you should have it examined much like you go for yearly physicals where you have blood drawn to ensure that everything is working smoothly in your body. Dentists check your teeth twice a year for as long as you live. The same thought and attention process should go to your spinal column. 

Spinal & Joint Subluxations 

Subluxations, or the altering of the position of your spine, can create many less than ideal situations for your body. Certain nerves may be affected. It can prevent proper healing. It’s not a static thing but rather a continually changing process that can affect either the muscles or the flow of blood. There are several things that can cause this - like an injury or one from repeating the same motion too many times. Medical conditions can also cause it. 

A trusted Queens chiropractor can manipulate the joint back into the proper position using techniques like the toggle drop, the lumbar roll, motion palpation, and release work. They can also do minor adjustments either on a table or with instruments. Once that’s done, then you can do things like compress the area, elevate it if you can, put ice on it, and, most importantly, rest. That last thing is the one that can really ease along the healing process, since trying to do too much too soon can just cause another injury. 

Incorporate Cardiovascular & Strength Exercises To Build Up Your Body

Be sure to get an OK from your general physician if you have any history of heart issues.Woman Exercising To Have Better Physical Health In Howard Beach Otherwise, the cardiovascular work may be too taxing. There are many benefits from exercising, including less pain and even better digestion. You can even do this in the form of domestic chores or work. 

It’s your body and you want to treat it the best way possible. By getting all the pathways working in the nervous system, that can be an incredible boost to your body when it comes to doing everyday things like walking around to being able to exercise pain-free to staying healthy from diseased and chronic conditions. It’s an incredible connection.

Contact A Professional Chiropractor In Howard Beach

By seeking chiropractic treatments in Howard Beach, you can get those connections working and really help you propel yourself toward a much happier and healthier New Year. You will be amazed at what can happen after a visit or two. Your body will feel much better and you will be able to tackle any other resolutions spiwith increased vigor. 

Dr. Robert Gucciardo wants you to start this year off right. Come see him at Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic for a spinal evaluation. He will do a thorough exam and see what needs to be worked on - and will give you a comprehensive plan on what he can do to get you there. If he finds that there are no spinal issues, then he will tell you just that. Give Dr. Robert Gucciardo a call today at 718-550-5790 to see why Howard Beach residents continue to see him year in and year out. 

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