Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

laser therapy for pain reliefLaser therapy for pain relief

Many people suffer from all types of pain from acute to chronic pain such as sprains, injuries, chronic frozen shoulder, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or something else. Pain can make it hard to perform daily activities like cleaning the house, getting dressed, or looking after the kids and grandchildren.

Are you or someone you know suffering from neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back, or knee pain/injuries/or a sprain?  Are you finding it difficult to get in and out of bed, painful and tiresome going up and down the stairs, pain so bad it disturbs your sleep, difficulty picking up objects without any pain? Are you considering surgery? Do you have to take prescription drugs to manage your pain? What if I told you before considering surgery or taking prescription drugs that there is an alternative called K-Laser Therapy that is a safe, natural, and an effective way that can help relieve the pain?

Here are just a few of the many benefits of K-Laser Therapy for Acute/Chronic Pain

  •     Reduces pain
  •     Reduces inflammation
  •     Increases blood flow
  •     Enhance tissue healing (both hard and soft tissues) including muscles, ligaments, and bones
  •     Stimulates immune function
  •     Stimulates nerve function
  •     Promotes faster wound healing  

What our Patients are saying about K-Laser Therapy for Acute and Chronic Pain

"Before having laser done to treat my nerve pain by the end of the day the pain rating on most days was at or above a 10. Since having Laser Treatment I rate my nerve pain at a 3 on my worst day."
Helen C.

"I had severe pain in my knee, it was so bad that I could not sleep which would affect my everyday life. I had to take pain medication everyday just to get a little sleep. Now after Laser Treatments I have little to no pain and I'm able to sleep without pain and without pain medication."
Elena C.

"My knees hurt that I could not walk the proper way. My left leg was in so much pain I had to take medication. I can now walk straight, dance for 20 minutes, and no more medications."
Gerald F.

"Before I came to see Dr. Gucciardo my right knee pain level was at a 8-9, left knee 7-8, and shoulder 8-9. Now after my Laser Treatments my right knee is at a 2-3, left knee 2-3, and my shoulder 2-3."
Gonzalee M.

"My knees used to lock up and were so painful I would miss work because of all the pain. Now after the laser treatments my knee does not lock any more and the pain is much better I am feeling so good after the treatments that I have not missed any work and I am walking much better."
Anna V.


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