Importance of Corrective Chiropractic

There are many visits early on

The visits taper off as patient improves

Danger is false sense of security

When one goes to see a chiropractor, there are three general stages:

  • Initial Intensive Care - This is where a patient comes with symptoms that are disrupting their lives. They need to see the chiropractor often so that their spines and nerve system become aligned.
  • Corrective Care - The patient’s body is responding well to the Intensive Care. The visits are not as frequent and the focus is strength and rehabilitation of the spine. 
  • Elective or Wellness Care - The patient is nearly symptom free. They see the chiropractor for a regular checkup to ensure optimal function.  .

The tricky part is being able to bridge from Corrective to Elective. Not sticking with Corrective can lead to a rough patch, which can go something like this: 

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This is the biggest obstacle both chiropractors and patients face. After weeks and weeks of intensive work with many appointments, the patient may feel a lot better. The problem is - if corrective measures aren’t continued, there’s a very good chance that the symptoms will return… with a vengeance. It may be back to Square One or worse.

The patient may fall into a false sense of security and may start resuming activities that their bodies may not be ready for or may fall back into a pattern of not getting enough rest or becoming too sedentary again.


Naturally, when the patient relapses, they will likely return to the chiropractor and have to go through many appointments again to reach the level that they had achieved before stopping the last time. Whether it’s a financial situation or just time constraints, they may stop again… and begin yet another cycle. 

The chiropractor can only do so much here. They can recommend that the patient keep up appointments, even if it’s not at the same frequency as in the past. They may even give exercises for them to do at home. It’s up to the patient to do this. Otherwise there is the very real risk of several cycles of relapsing and building back up, which can be very frustrating for all involved.


Ideally, a patient would keep working with a chiropractor through both the Initial Intensive and Corrective Care stages so that their body is truly at a place where one can fall into a maintenance stage - also called Wellness Care. 

When a patient reaches this, they can do exercises at home or at a gym and have appointments much more infrequently to ensure that their system is at peak health. Their spine is stabilized and they feel good. Diligence at home is a must even when they have reached this part, otherwise a relapse can even occur.

This entire process is a journey. It can go several ways, some with a lot of stops and starts and false starts, and others may go on one long continuous path, with a smooth ride from the frequent visits to moderate to infrequent.  

Dr. Robert Gucciardo has been on many journeys with patients, utilizing all kinds of care. He’s helped them through an arduous beginning to getting back on track to being able to do things at home. Whatever their situation, he will do his best to get them to optimum health.


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