How To Tell If Your Neck Pain Warrants Emergency Care

neck pain relief in Howard Beach NY

Several people are looking for a way to experience neck pain relief in Howard Beach NY. And notably, some of them wonder if they should only opt for simple remedies or call for emergency care. As your go-to Upper Cervical Chiropractic care provider, Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center thought of sharing a comprehensive guide on how to characterize your neck pain and find a suitable option for relief. Read on to learn more.


Why The Neck Hurts: Things You Should Know

Neck pain is a prevalent problem that can indicate a broad spectrum of issues ranging from muscle strain to spinal fracture. Patients who suffer from this widespread symptom report or suspect various triggers, including:

Excessive use of gadgets  

Modern technology has increased the risks of chronic neck pain. Many people spend long hours tilting their necks while browsing their mobile gadgets. Unfortunately, this forces the muscles and joints to stiffen so they can support the head's weight. 

Work-related muscle strain

Several professions are at risk of developing neck pain. Examples include truck drivers, construction workers, nurses, writers, flight attendants, and assembly line workers. The activities involved in such roles sometimes lead to poor posture. Some positions are also highly susceptible to traumatic injuries that affect the structural integrity of the spinal column.  

Previously sustained head or neck injury

If you have a history of head or neck trauma, you will likely experience pain or discomfort. Blunt force on the neck can dislodge the upper cervical bones. This puts immense pressure on nearby tissues like nerve roots and muscle fibers, creating worse neck pain-causing problems like nerve compression and joint inflammation. 

Degenerative disc diseases

Aging people often complain about having chronic neck pain that doesn't improve even after taking medications or seeking other remedies. In most cases, this happens because of degenerative disc diseases. According to studies, the cushioning material between each spinal bone deteriorates over time because of natural wear and tear. Sometimes the problem also develops due to poor lifestyle choices and traumatic injuries. 

Muscle strain due to physical overexertion 

Physical stress can sometimes result from rigorous workout routines or poor lifting techniques. Such activities can put an undue mechanical strain on body parts such as the cervical spine. Hence, you might find it helpful to retrace every possible source or cause of physical stress on the cervical spine. Identifying these activities can help you customize your routine and find better ways to manage your situation.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Signs You Must Consult a Healthcare Professional For Your Achy Neck 

Not all cases of achy necks are the same. While some might improve after resolving their root causes, others progress and cause worse problems. There are also instances when neck pain requires emergency care because it can indicate a precarious health situation. Here are questions you can use to characterize your symptom:


How painful is your neck?

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your pain? If you answer anywhere between 6 to 10, it might be time to get help.  

Was there a recent incident that affected your neck or upper body?

Were you in a car accident? Did you slip, fall or trip and hurt your upper body? It would be wise to contact the emergency care unit in your locale to get diagnosed for fractures. 

Do you feel a burning sensation that radiates to one of your arms or legs?

This may indicate nerve compression or damage. If left unresolved, this can lead to permanent damage that will affect your overall health and wellness. 

Is your neck pain accompanied by fever, sensory sensitivity, shortness of breath or vomiting?

Seeking a healthcare practitioner can help you rule out potentially dangerous health concerns like meningitis and heart attack. 

If your answers to these questions imply that you have a serious health concern, you should immediately call for emergency assistance. Doing so will limit your risks and improve your prognosis. On the other hand, if your neck pain doesn't warrant urgent medical attention, you can try simple remedies.

neck pain relief in Howard Beach NY

6 Possible Sources of Neck Pain Relief

Many people seeking neck pain relief in Howard Beach NY have found great success in the following remedies and lifestyle adjustments: 

#1. Correcting less optimal sleeping positions 

Keeping your neck and back in proper alignment while you sleep can significantly improve your overall condition. It can also lessen your chances of waking up with a bad case of neck pain. As much as possible, you should avoid lying on your belly. Instead, you try to sleep on your side or back. We also suggest taking advantage of high-quality pillows and mattresses to get ample body support while you snooze. 

#2. Making a mental note of the neck-pain-causing factors in your workspace 

Is your computer monitor causing you to tilt your neck at an awkward angle? Do you often look down when browsing your phone? Take a few minutes to assess your work area and check out possible contributors to your pain. Then, make the necessary changes and see how your body responds.  

#3. Take advantage of the old-school cold and hot therapy

Ice packs and hot water bottles come in handy in alleviating neck pain. You should use them to your advantage, especially if you run out of pain medications or muscle-soothing balms at home. 

#4. Get a massage 

Good-old massage sessions might just do the trick! Some people who struggle with an achy neck experience massive relief after going to their massage therapists. That's likely because thorough muscle rubs help release tension and improve blood flow to affected body parts such as the cervical spine.  

#5. Try to de-stress 

Long-term exposure to stressors can do a number on your body. It can also lead to increased muscle stiffness or spasms and heightened pain sensitivity. So, it would help to schedule regular de-stressing activities like bonding with your dog, unplugging from work, and reconnecting with nature. 

#6. Check and address postural imbalances in your cervical spine 

Perhaps the simplest way to ease your neck pain is to fix your posture and address factors that may be preventing you from maintaining a neutral and healthy curvature. We suggest getting in touch with our Upper Cervical doctor, Dr. Robert Gucciardo D.C., to check for neck bone misalignments so you can begin planning your chiropractic care plan.


Experience Significant Neck Pain Relief in Howard Beach NY

Life without neck pain or less discomfort is totally possible. As long as your situation doesn’t require emergency care, we strongly suggest seeking Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Countless patients have enjoyed significant and lasting neck pain relief in Howard Beach NY after our Upper Cervical doctor provides careful spinal manipulations. 

We recommend visiting our practice at 162-07 91st St, Queens, NY, so we can help you assess your cervical spine misalignments. You are welcome to visit us during our office hours or book your appointment through our online form. Our telephone number, (718) 550-5790, is also available if you want to speak to us directly about our unique technique for relieving neck pain.


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