How Chiropractors Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a very big issue, especially in the United States. Up to 70 million people are diagnosed with it each year. It can cause conditions that lead to disability or death, such as heart attacks or strokes. Many people take medication to bring their blood pressure readings down to what is considered a normal baseline. That can cost them a lot of money since they usually have to take it daily and it will be a part of their routine for much of their life. Is there a way to get them off that? Yes, through chiropractic care. 

The correlation between the two is something that has been studied for the past decade-plus and it holds a lot of promise. Here is a way how chiropractors can help lower blood pressure.

Spinal Manipulation

There have been studies that show that manipulating a certain area of the upper cervical can lower blood pressure to normal levels and even give them the possibility of being able to get off their medication… with a doctor’s guidance, of course. The tests were done in groups that also included placebos, so the drop in blood pressure from the chiropractic work was documented. 

What Did it Do?

The procedure involve gently manipulating part of the vertebrae, located in the C-1 section - known as the Atlas vertebra, since it holds up the skull like the Titan that it is named after held up the world in Greek lore. This titan played a big part in one of the Labors of Hercules. People who live in New York City are familiar with the statue resides in Rockefeller Center. This donut-shaped bone plays a big part in the regulation of nerves and even if its alignment is off by a scant amount, it can cause issues with how the body feels. 

Blood pressure can be altered by a lot of various factors, including diet, weight and mood - if one stressed all the time, that will naturally cause blood pressure to be higher since the body is in the “fight or flight” mode a lot. Also, the arteries around the base of the skull may become constricted due to the misaligned Atlas vertebra. 

Exercise Caution, Please

This is not to say that this post should be viewed as a blanket endorsement for every single person with a high blood pressure reading to immediately run to their nearest chiropractor. The people running the tests also pointed out that the ones that would benefit the most from this had also likely suffered some form of head trauma early in their lives. Having an Atlas adjustment is something that should be discussed in-depth with a chiropractor before moving ahead. 

Even with an abundance of caution, this still offers a possible chance for people to simultaneously lower their blood pressure and also save money in the long run by not having to pay for medication. It’s something worth exploring, at least. 

It’s important to get one’s blood pressure under control since it can go unnoticed for a long time since there are not always symptoms  - which can do a lot of damage, which was listed above. Add the fact that not everyone goes to see their doctor for yearly physicals and tragedy can easily lurk around the corner. Seeing a chiropractor could possibly avert that or at least help get it to a point of control.

Dr. Robert Gucciardo is very experienced with upper cervical chiropractic work and he can use his techniques to lower your blood pressure. If you have any questions, he will be glad to answer them at your next appointment. You can call him at 718-550-5790.


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