Fall in love with your health

Fall in Love with HealthWhat do you think about food? Do you find it to be enjoyable? Do you have negative emotions about it? Maybe, food is just the fuel for the body and you may not care what it is or what's in it? Or, possibly does the food you eat lead to thoughts and feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, guilt, depressed, or another feeling? At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center we would like to tell you there is a solution ... and that is proper Nutrition - which is the way to the heart. I want food to make you feel happy, satisfied, nourished, and healthy! 
Make your Health All About You
When was the last time you sat down to eat a meal without being on social media, chewed your food well, and savored every bite? I understand we may have a busy lifestyle which can make taking the time to chew and savor our food challenging. But it's important that we make the time. Real foods should be eaten in their natural and unprocessed state because it nourishes you with all the nutrients you need and leaves you feeling fuller.  Next time you eat check on how fast you're chewing, the taste, the texture, and if you're satisfied. I want you to become more aware of your hunger and fullness. This simple task can increase your mindfulness while still enjoying, nourishing, and loving your health. It also comes with great benefits which include:Increased energyBetter moodImproved sleepImproved bowel movementsClearer thinkingClearer skinLess BloatedBetter digestionLess guiltFewer cravings
How do you feel after eating?
Let us keep nutrition in mind and understand we are all unique individuals and when we eat various foods our body can tell us how we feel. Your body is so smart; you should pay close attention to the feedback it is giving you. For example, do you feel some of these feelings below after eating certain foods? BloatedSleepyMoodyDepressedNauseaGaseousSweatingExcessive belching Excessive flatulenceYou can also love your body and health state by ditching the unnecessary sugars and processed foods and incorporating fresh and vibrant flavors that appeal to your own taste buds that will allow you to remain well-nourished and satisfied.  As for the sweets, I left the best for last, dark chocolate! It's okay to indulge and feed your inner chocolate craving occasionally. Eating an ounce of dark chocolate without any additives is good for you. Dark chocolate contains natural chemicals that serve as mood boosters, elevates serotonin levels, keeping blood vessels elastic, and help stabilize antioxidant levels, which result in enhancing your well-being.   
Let's Wrap This Up!
If you or someone you know is experiencing some of these feelings I've mentioned above or something else after they've eaten, give our office a call today and let us get you scheduled in for a Nutrition Evaluation to so you can fall in love with your health even more.  

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