Dr. Gucciardo would love to hear about your success!

Dr. Gucciardo would love to hear about your success!  
ShareStory_carousel_1200x550.jpgAt Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center our purpose is to help as many people as possible to express life to the fullest. We would love for you to share how Dr. Gucciardo has helped you! Below is a link to email your success story to us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!Share Your Success7fd85593-eca6-4a72-99af-7e84cee8496a.jpg
Our Chiropractic Patient 
Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care I had severe back pain. The doctor I was seeing at the time recommended surgery and medication. I didn't want surgery but I continued taking the medication, all in hopes I would get better. It was after having a C-section my lower back gave out once again. As a new mom, I had to get better quickly because I could not sit, stand, or sleep. I was crying with pain that I thought surgery might be my final answer.A colleague of mines recommended I go see Dr. Gucciardo before considering surgery. She explained his natural approach to healing the body without the use of surgery and drugs. I was intrigued.Since seeing Dr. Gucciardo for Chiropractic Care I feel 150% better! I left the office feeling very calm, reassured, and less pain. The past couple of weeks for me has been a journey of recovery, education on how Upper Cervical health care works, and self-awareness of what my body can do. I can now focus on motherhood without feeling pain or limited mobility.
Our Nutrition Patient 
Prior to my initial visit to Dr. Gucciardo, I was experiencing abdominal pain on my lower left side for over 20 years, shortness of breath for about 30 years, my bowl movements were very small pieces, and my stomach appeared to be bloated. I was told by my PCP that I had air pockets in my colon and needed to improve my diet.  After coming to see Dr. Guccardo for Nutrition care, I feel fantastic. Doc, provided me with guidance, support, and supplements that best fit my needs. The following results I can testify to are:Shortness of breath improved 90%Lower abdominal pain is absolutely goneBowel movements have improved in "length"Stomach no longer looks or feels bloated The best part is that I've learned how to eat properly, how to manage my portions, and the many alterative types of foods. Specifically, I know what foods "agree" with my body and what amounts to use to prevent me from feeing deprived.  I highly recommend Dr. Gucciardo if you're struggling with your own issues. My #1 recommendation is to stick to the program, follow the instructions, and take your supplements as directed. Lastly, like Dr. G says, "in time your body will get stronger and start to heal itself."   
 Our Laser Care Patient
Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo and receiving Laser Care treatment I had great difficulty walking. My left knee was in terrible pain. It started with a fall a few months earlier and it was not getting any better. The last thing I wanted was knee replacement surgery and didn't want to spend the rest of my life walking in pain. Then, I saw an ad for Laser Treatment and figured I had nothing to lose so I called to schedule an appointment.
The initial consultation went smoothly and I had a series of laser treatments which were quick and PAINLESS! After 3-4 treatments I could feel the improvement. The pain became less and less each week. After a few more weeks I was mostly pain free and was able to stop using my cane. The best part is I'm able to play and keep up with my granddaughter without any pain. 

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