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Nutrition Success StoryDid you make a significant change in your life that made you healthier, happier, and live a more fulfilled life through the use of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, OR Nutrition, OR Laser Care? What inspired you to make a change in your life for better health and optimal wellness? Do you desire to return the favor and inspire others to make a difference in their lives because of your health success and health improvements?

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to express life to the fullest. We would love for you to share how Dr. Gucciardo has helped you! Below is a link to email your success story to us directly and you're more than welcomed to send along a photo with your story so you can be featured in our next Success Story Newsletter. Share your challenges and triumphs with others! We are looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Anatoly's Nutrition Success Story

I came to Dr. Gucciardo with a problem of Indigestion. It was really bad ... my body was refusing all types of food. He tested me through a procedure called Nutrition Response Testing. After being evaluated he put me on a Nutrition program that was designed for my needs. I started following through the program and the problematic organ has now grown, cell by cell which has turned into a new part of my body. I'm amazed at how precise this nutritional science is. Thank you Dr. Gucciardo!

Lowe's  Chiropractic Care Success Story

I had severe back and side pain. Occasionally, I would feel my leg shortening. I was always tired and suffered from Acid Reflux. My thinking/critical thinking skills were foggy. After coming to see Dr. Gucciardo for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care the pain on my side as improved. I've lost 20 pounds and my energy level has increased. My skin also looks much clearer. I am more focused and my thinking is now more clearer.

Elfriede's Laser Care Success Story

Before coming to see Dr. Gucciardo I had Tendonitis and shingles in both my knees which caused severe pain and stiffness. This made walking very painful, my balance was also impaired. Since my Laser Care treatments my shingle pain has improved from a 10 out of a 10 to a 3. The stiffness and pain from the tendonitis in both my knees is much less and more better. Now, when the pain is less I become more active.


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