Bump Behind the Knee?

Have you ever heard of a condition called a Baker’s Cyst? Well, let’s first get this out of the way … this condition has nothing to do with baking! A Baker’s Cyst is a swelling in the space behind the knee that is filled with excess fluid.

Symptoms can include joint locking, knee and calf pain which can be irritating and limit a person’s daily activities especially when the leg is fully extended. For some individuals they may not even know how or why it presented itself in the body and there could be a host of reasons for developing a Baker’s Cyst. Many common treatments like drugs or injections only addresses the symptoms of a Baker’s Cyst and not the underlying cause of the knee condition.

At Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center we can help you find the underlying cause of a Baker’s Cyst and then help heal it safely, naturally, and effectively using K-laser Therapy if you’re a candidate. Find out more about a Baker’s cyst and K-Laser Therapy by clicking on the link below

It’s important that you keep in mind, a Baker’s Cyst does not just appear without a cause. There could be an underlying condition in the knee joint or in the body that may be causing the Baker’s Cyst to exist. Individuals with a Baker’s Cyst may experience bone on bone knee pain, misalignment of the joint, tightness and stiffness as well as popping, clicking, buckling or locking in the knee joint. In addition, if an individual has a meniscus tear, a sports related injury, gout, arthritis or any other knee condition it can irritate the tissue around the knee joint making it even more painful.

Draining a Baker’s Cyst may not always be the best solution because most often it can reappear. However, K-Laser Therapy is a treatment that can help reduce inflammation, irritation and relieve pain of a Baker’s Cyst in the knee. During laser treatments we use a specific wavelength of red light which increases circulation, oxygen, and nutrients around the joint. The K-Laser treatments are painless, soothing, and you’ll feel a warm sensation from the red laser light. It can improve mobility, help repair and regenerate joints naturally … but most importantly it can help enhance and effectively speed up the healing process.

A bulge behind the knee may be a sign of a Baker’s Cyst or another condition. It’s important that you first find out the underlying cause. If you or someone you know is suffering from pain and swelling behind the knee and would like a drug-free and non-surgical solution to your knee pain give our office a call today at 718.845.2323 and schedule a K-Laser Evaluation. The K-Laser Therapy may be your answer!K-Laser Success Story. I had difficulty walking and my left knee was in terrible pain. It started with a fall a few months earlier which left me in tremendous pain and I was not getting any better, I didn't want knee replacement surgery, so I came to Dr. Gucciardo's office to try an alternative approach because I had nothing to lose ... and that is K-Laser Therapy. The laser consultation with Dr. Rob went smoothly, the laser treatments were quick, relaxing, and painless. After 3-4 treatments I could feel the improvement in my knee. The pain was less and less each week. After a few weeks I was mostly pain free and was able to stop using a cane. I'm now a more mobile and pain free grandmother looking forward to playing with my grandchildren. 


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