Can a Belle Harbor Queens Chiropractor Relieve Vertigo?

Belle Harbor Queens Chiropractor

Do you like merry-go-rounds? What if it always feels like you're in that ride, spinning, even if you're not moving? Will you still like it? Do you have days when you feel like you're sailing through rough waters on a stormy sea, with each step feeling uncertain and unsteady? Ah, the dreaded vertigo. It's really uncomfortable, and it can rob you of your balance and peace of mind and leave you questioning the stability of the ground beneath your feet. How long will it last this time? What should I do next? 

The accompanying symptoms bring dizziness, nausea, disorientation, and that overwhelming feeling of being trapped in a spinning world. While it brings physical discomfort, it also leads to an emotional rollercoaster for you. If you've been trying out ways to end your suffering yet still fail, a visit to an Upper Cervical Doctor might change your fate. They can help improve your vertigo symptoms linked to neck bone misalignments and help you regain the stability and freedom you've been longing for. Read on to learn what to expect from a Belle Harbor Queens Chiropractor when seeking vertigo relief.

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The Role Of Upper Cervical Misalignments In Vertigo

Many Upper Cervical Chiropractic patients don't realize it right away. So they are surprised to learn from their visit to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor that their vertigo episodes are linked to misalignments in their upper cervical spine.

These bones can impact your sense of balance. The Upper Cervical bones, particularly the atlas (C1) and axis (C2), help maintain proper alignment and function of the vestibular system and your brainstem, which can influence your body's spatial orientation and balance. When misalignments occur in these bones, it can disrupt the signals sent to the brain, leading to a distorted perception of movement and resulting in vertigo.

Upper Cervical misalignments can stem from various causes, such as trauma from accidents or injuries, repetitive strain on the neck muscles, or even poor posture habits. In addition, the misaligned vertebrae can exert pressure on the surrounding nerves, muscles, tissues, and ligaments, which can interfere with the optimal function of the brainstem affecting the nervous system. As a result, individuals may experience dizziness, spinning sensations, difficulty maintaining balance, and a sense of disorientation. Addressing and correcting these upper cervical misalignments through gentle Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate the underlying cause of vertigo and restore balance, allowing you to regain control over your daily life without worrying about these episodes again.

Belle Harbor Queens Chiropractor

What To Expect After An Upper Cervical Adjustment From A Belle Harbor Queens Chiropractor?

If this is your first time visiting an Upper Cervical Chiropractor like Gucciardo Specific Chiropractic and Natural Health Center, your visit usually begins with a comprehensive examination. This will help assess your spinal alignment and posture and retrace your medical history to better understand your situation.

If a misalignment is confirmed, Dr. Gucciardo will recommend adjustments that match your needs. These adjustments are safe, gentle, precise, and non-invasive that can help restore the proper balance and alignment to the bones of your upper neck. The goal is to remove any interference or pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, allowing the brainstem to function optimally.

The duration of improvement can vary depending on your condition, making it crucial to consult as soon as possible for a personalized assessment. Some patients report relief after just one or a few adjustments. But even if you experience relief early on, following the proposed number of adjustments your Upper Cervical doctor recommends to ensure lasting relief from vertigo symptoms is crucial.

Upper Cervical Care can be incredibly beneficial in addressing vertigo issues and help alleviate the symptoms of vertigo, reducing dizziness, disorientation, and unsteadiness. If you have been struggling with vertigo for some time now, don't hesitate to book a consultation with us. We can provide you with a thorough evaluation, personalized care, and ongoing support to help you find relief from vertigo symptoms. 

Restoring proper balance and alignment to your Upper Cervical spine could be the key to regaining control over your life and enjoying a world that no longer feels like it's spinning out of control. See you soon!


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