Arthritis Relief Queens, NY: Can Chiro Care Go a Long Way Toward Reducing Painful Arthritis?

Are you looking for Arthritis relief in Queens, New York?

Is Arthritis affecting your quality of life? Is your body reacting poorly to medications? Well, there is a healthy alternative for natural pain relief in Queens, NY where no medication or surgery is needed - it is Chiropractic Care!

Arthritis can be in the joints such as in the knees, hips, hands, shoulders, elbows, neck, back, or ankles. There is only one treatment for Osteoarthritis and that is treating with medication. THIS IS A MISTAKE! Using anti-inflammatory medication for in the long term has been shown to impair the healing process of cartilage & can also damage the lining of the stomach.

So how can Chiro Care help, you may ask?

Well here ya go! There are many ways chiropractic can help achieve arthritis relief for the good people of Queens! Spinal misalignments can cause many health problems! Spinal misalignment can damage soft tissues of the spine and other joints of the body such as ligaments, cartilage & tendons! Chiro Care is a non-invasive  way to promote optimal health without the use of medication! Chiro Care addresses lifestyle, diet & gentle exercise! If you have spinal misalignments also known as as subluxations, this can cause the discs to wear down more quickly. As your body stays in its proper alignment, not only is pressure taken of the nerves, but the proper motion between the spinal bones is restored. This reduces your bodies need to lay down new bone to stabilize your spine(osteoarthritis) which can cause stiffness, decreased mobility, and pain!. When that happens, your symptoms such as stiffness, soreness, & inflammation are reduced and your quality of life improves. If you maintain that proper alignment, you become stronger and help keep them from coming back. Chiropractic Care can help you restore the lost range of motion in the joints, improve flexibility & endurance & increase your muscle tone & strength. Also, whole food supplements can help in controlling & reducing joint inflammation. A healthy weight & immune system are also important in preventing Arthritis.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Arthritis in the Queens area & need further help please contact Dr. Gucciardo to schedule a FREE COMPLETE COMPLEMENTARY UPPER CERVICAL EVALUATION & discuss a treatment plan that works best for YOU! Lets get to the cause of your unwanted health problems! Come share your history of your pain or injury, how the joints bother you, what makes the pain better and what makes the pain worse! If you or someone  you know has the motivation and desire to resolve their Arthritis condition in Queens, NY and are ready to get started on the road to better health and wellness please give us a call to today & lets schedule you in for an appointment!


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