5 Chronic Pain Conditions A Queens Chiropractor Can Easily Treat

How Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Pain From Certain Conditions

Unfortunately, pain is a constant for many Howard Beach residents. You may be one of those people who suffer from it - whether it’s your head, your back, your joints… any movement can cause a grimace. Pain medication is a temporary relief and those can have some unpleasant side effects as well. 

Read on to learn how chiropractic care can relieve pain from certain conditions. 

Neck and Upper Back Pain

When people talk about upper back pain, they can actually be referring to a wide range of conditions. Your upper back is pretty intricate and is very big, which can mean many different things could be affecting you. Your pain could be a result of anything from bad posture to how you move at work. See a chiropractor in Howard Beach if the pain is severe - they can do things like spinal manipulation, diversified techniques ( hand thrusts move the joints into alignment), or biophysics, where they focus on your posture.

As far as the neck goes, a chiropractor can definitely help there in terms of alleviating pain. They can target the joints of the cervical vertebrae and manipulate them. By doing this, they will loosen those joints and you will feel either reduced or be pain-free from things like muscle spasms, pinched nerves, or strains. This is called cervical manipulation. 

Tension & Migraine Headaches

This is a familiar scenario for many people - their heads are always hurting, whether it’s a dull pain that won’t go away or if it feels like their head is one big mass of pain and the only thing that can seemingly help is medication and staying in a dark room until it goes away. In either case, a chiropractor can be of tremendous benefit to ease these pains. 

Before starting any treatment, the Queens chiropractor will figure out the cause of the headaches, like a possible subluxation of the neck or the upper back. They can manipulate the spine to fix that. If it is a migraine, they could use neuromuscular massage on certain points on the back, neck, shoulder and head. One thing - if the headaches worsen or remain the same despite treatment, then you should see a doctor to make sure there is no underlying condition that is causing the headaches. 

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

People are often unfamiliar with these joints, which are in the pelvis area, until they encounter trouble with them. Then even the simple act of standing or walking can become very difficult. Your hips and pelvis may wind up locking up over time. This is far from a rare thing - it can affect a lot of people. If you are one of them, then it would be a good idea to see a chiropractor in Queens

At first, you may try resting, putting ice on the area or putting heat on it, and taking pain medication. After that has not gotten the results you want, then the chiropractor may try spinal manipulation. That may be too much for you though, so they may opt to do a slower version of the manipulation. They may also offer specific stretches that you can do to ease the pain and loosen up your hips and pelvis. 

Shoulder Joint & Knee Joint Pain

Two other areas that a lot of people are affected by chronic pain are the shoulder joint and the knee joint. It can serve as a reminder of exactly how often we do things like move our shoulders and knees… and when we have pain there, it can make life very, very aggravating. A Howard Beach chiropractor can make a very big difference.

When it comes to your shoulder, the joint can get mis-aligned and then cause problems with the surrounding muscles and ligaments. A chiropractor can move the joint back into its proper place and also use things like electric muscle stimulation or ultrasound. Osteoarthritis is usually the culprit when it comes to knee joint pain and a combination of manipulation, ice therapy and exercises can help you regain movement. 

Sprains Due To Muscle InjuryExperienced Queens Chiropractor Treating Muscle Injuries

Your body is made up of an intricate series of muscles, tendons, and ligaments supported by joints and your skeleton. Despite your best efforts, your muscles can get injured due to sprains rather easily. If rest doesn’t do the trick for you, then it would be a good idea to go visit a chiropractor. 

The chiropractor will target the joints around where the muscle strain occurred. This way, the muscle will be able to move much more freely and not be strained. Then it can heal much quicker. They may even put Kinesio Tape around the area that was injured to support the muscle. 

While chronic pain can affect your quality of life, chiropractic care can help a lot as you can see. Regular visits can have you out and about like before. Then you will be able to enjoy life in its entirety again. 

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