21 Days to Restore Your Health

Celebrate the change of the seasons by taking the plunge and joining our Purification Club! This 21 day program is designed to help purify and nourish the body from the inside out! We will be hosting an in introduction to the purification program to help you understand the benefits of body purification, and discuss how this program differs from other detox, crash and fad diets. 

It only takes 21 days to break old eating habits and create new ones, so join us a our office on 

Wednesday, April 29th, at 7:30PM

to learn how easy it can be to transform your life!

Call us at 718-550-5790 to reserve your seat!

Patient Testimonial

  "I needed something that was going to help me feel good and lose weight. I read all about the Purification Program and how it would help me cleanse internally and externally. One of the main reason I did it was because it was so hard for me to lose weight. Also I felt tired, low energy and my head was stuffy. The Purification Program is 21 days and the first 10 days you're not allowed to have any protein except a half a cup of either Quinoa or Lentils. Could you imagine life without meat or any type of protein? Of course I thought I would feel so hungry but it really wasn't so bad. On the 11th day having a moderate amount of protein felt amazing, I felt a sense of control. A couple of days into the cleanse I actually started feeling a difference, my pants felt loose. I felt so happy. I learned that you don't need to eat in excess of certain foods to feel fulfilled. I can think clearer and I love telling everyone about my experience. I think its something that should be done yearly to cleanse out the toxins." - Elaine Monegro, patient of Dr. Gucciardo.

Dr. Robert F. Gucciardo, DC

162-07 91st Street Howard Beach, NY 11414 


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